Montana State University

Research and Creative Activity

Last Revision: Fall 1997
This document articulates the process by which the JJCBE Promotion and Tenure Committee evaluates the research and creative activity component for members of the College faculty. Currently these evaluations are done as part of the annual performance review process and also on the occasion of formal promotion and tenure reviews. As part of the annual review, each faculty member prepares a self report.

Our valuation standards mirror those suggested in the University promotion and tenure guidelines. As such, an important component of research and creative activity evaluation looks for a record of high-quality work leading to recognition by peers. In short, a major criteria is the committee's collective assessment of the contribution that the reviewee's work is making to the discipline in which the person is engaged. Our unique mission as a College, focusing as we do on practical applications, teaching and regional issues, dictates a need to be flexible in our assessment of faculty research and creative activities.

In our examination of the candidate's record, we consider the following: (priority order)

  • refereed journal publications and publications in non-refereed, but high-level practitioner journals, papers published in national proceedings;
  • papers published in regional proceedings;
  • papers presented to practitioner groups and organizations.
Additionally, where a case can be made that there is a strong contribution to a discipline, we consider other sorts of creative activities. Teaching materials, practitioner training materials and procedures, outreach efforts targeting important stakeholders and contributions to professional societies are examples of contributions of this type.

In general, our examination emphasizes quality over quantity. An ideal record will show continued high quality contributions to an appropriate domain of knowledge that are appropriately recognized by peers.