Grant pre-award services

  • Assist with identifying funding sources
  • Assist in preparing a human subjects proposal
  • Critical review of proposals
  • Facilitate a peer review of a grant proposal
  • Provide assistance with the grant submission process

Grant post-award service

  • Maintain a budget tracking system
  • Assist with hiring grant personnel
  • Assist with purchasing supplies and equipment for sponsored programs
  • Be the contact with the various university offices (Office of Sponsored Programs, Institutional Review Board)
  • Be authorized as the signing authority for the Principal Investigator
  • Assist with preparing the mid-year and/or end-of-funding reports to the funding agency

Miscellaneous Services

  • Statistical Software
    • SPSS software is available for installation. License charges are covered by the research office for nursing researchers
    • SPSS license must be renewed each year. The research office will process the renewal for nursing researchers
  • Questionnaire development, data production, management, and data analysis services for nursing administration committees or individuals to facilitate evaluation efforts
  • Data production and management
    • Questionnaire development and distribution
    • Telephone interviewing
    • Data entry
  • Posters, Flyers, and Brochures
    • Conceptualization and preparation of posters, flyers, and brochures
  • Assist researchers with literature searches and retrievals