The Caring for Our Own Program offers mentorship and leadership opportunities for current CO-OP students and perspective high school students that are located in Montana.

Promoting Interest in Nursing Education (PINE)

The Promoting Interest in Nursing Program will be focused on pairing Caring for Our Own Program students with high school students in Montana. Sophomore level CO-OP students will be mentors to high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Mentor’s will provide mentee’s with information on career options, educational preparation, daily rewards/challenges/experiences associated with being a college student in nursing, scholarship opportunities, on campus living, and any academic related topics.

If you are interested in being part of the PINE program, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at 406-994-7684.

Current CO-OP student’s mentorship program

CO-OP student pairs are assigned for an entire calendar year. An upperclassman is paired with a lower classman. The aim of the relationship is to ease the lower to upper division transition, assist students with adjustment to different campuses, foster leadership in mentors, and cultivate camaraderie among CO-OP students. The CO-OP peer mentor program encourages and facilitates mentors and mentees as they connect with one another through phone, text, email, or one-on-one interaction at least every other week. Through these positive and caring communications we hope that students build a lasting relationship. Mentor responsibilities are to motivate and encourage their mentee, act as a positive role model, share their knowledge and experiences, help mentees navigate nursing academia, and assist mentees in finding campus, academic, or personal enrichment resources.


Group of Students