Name: Nora Smith

College: Agriculture
Department: N/A
Title: Assistant Dean
Years at MSU: 23

I started working at MSU shortly after finishing my undergraduate career here in the late 1980s. I've served in a variety of positions (classified and professional) and have taught as an NTT instructor in four departments/Colleges over the years. I've recently served as the chair of the Professional Council (a consortium of some 800 employees on the Bozeman campus), and as an academic dean, I am involved in many facets of program development and assessment (at every level of curricular management).


I served on the Strategic Planning Committee two years ago, and have closely followed the Planning Council's work for many years, owing to my professional interests and passions. I used to teach Strategic Planning at the graduate level at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with programmatic and project work spanning that state's pre-K through 20 systems (everything from Athletics to Indigenous Language Revitalization and adult language acquisition). I am keenly interested in serving on the MSU Planning Council because of the opportunity to prioritize and align and strategize our institutional criteria, initiatives, and metrics for our extant and nascent programming. Thanks for considering my application!

Education, HHD

Name: No Candidates, if you are interested, please apply.


Name: No Candidates, if you are interested, please apply.