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Letters & Science

Name: Edward Dratz

College: Letters & Science
Department: Chemistry
Title: Professor
Years at MSU: 29

I have been engaged in research for over 45 years at UC Berkeley, MIT, UC Santa Cruz and Montana State University. I have been one of the leaders on campus in obtaining NIH and other extramural research funding to support my research as well as that of numerous collaborators. While a Professor I have spent two years doing research at the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands, one year at Harvard Medical School, one year at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin as well as extended stays at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. I am keenly interested in stimulating collaborative research to solve big problems of health, improved nutrition and education. I have worked in studying biological energy capture, cell signaling mechanisms, human and animal nutrition; type two diabetes, human epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, human stem cells, and agricultural crop improvement. I have worked to build up the research instrumentation capabilities at Montana State University and established and ran the NIH funded Center for Analysis of Cellular Mechanisms and Systems Biology at MSU that engaged fourteen research groups in nine departments and four collages.


I am keenly interested in stimulating and enhancing the research environment at MSU. I am dedicated to stimulating multidisciplinary, collaborative research to solve big problems of food, energy, health and environment confronting society. I served on the Budget and Academic Planning Committee at UC Santa Cruz, which was a prime mover in campus governance and future planning for six years and as chair for three years. I have worked to build up the research instrumentation capabilities at Montana State University from the first days at MSU to the present, which has enhanced the recruitment of faculty, grad students and postdocs, and has helped to propel MSU to the Carnegie High Research University level. I have I have published over 170 refereed research publications, many of which are highly cited, and have an H score of 42

Name: Valerie Copie

College: Letters & Science
Department: Chemistry/Biochemistry
Title: Professor
Years at MSU: 18

I received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1983 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1990. Following my PhD, I undertook post-doctoral research training in protein NMR structural biology at the University of California Berkeley (1990-1992) and the NIH (1992-1996). I join the MSU faculty as an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry in 1997, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003, and Full Professor in 2011.


My interest in serving on MSU Research Council stems from my passion for inter-disciplinary research bridging molecular biochemistry (including proteins and small molecule metabolites) with other fields of science including research applications for human health, nutrition, microbiology, biofuels, and agriculture (e.g. plant science and crop development and improvement in feedstock). I believe that with my extensive experience with research and education in the biological sciences, I could provide some potentially interesting perspectives for the Research Council. I have received extensive experience in biological nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. My lab’s research program focuses on the structural and functional characterizations of proteins of biological importance, and has recently expanded into the global system analysis of cellular metabolites (also referred to as metabolomics) to identify key small molecule markers of cells’ phenotypes and responses to environmental stress. Our research is highly integrated with MSU’s educational mission, and involves several graduate and undergraduate students in this mission, each year. I have been a member of the NIH Advisory council for the NCRR institute, the User Advisory Committee for the Environmental Molecular Biosciences Laboratory (EMSL) associated with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and I am currently serving on the Advisory Committee for the Biological Magnetic Resonance (BMRB) database associated with the National NMR Facility at Madison-Wisconsin (NMRFAM). I believe that my extensive experience in inter-disciplinary research and student training, together with my extensive service on MSU committees and nation-wide, has given me a broad perspective on research and creativity, and has fostered my strong commitment to team building, all of which could positively contribute to on-going research council discussions and planning endeavors.



Name: Ron June

College: Engineering
Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Title: Assistant Professor
Years at MSU: 3.5

I have been an Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering since August 2011. I did my postdoctoral training at UCSD and my PhD training at UC Davis. I received my undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College. I have an active research program with 3 current PhD students, and 3 masters students have earned their degrees from my laboratory. My research program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach, and I currently have collaborations with multiple faculty members across the departments of the COE. I attempt to bring current research topics to my classroom, and I have hosted several external seminar speakers for the purpose of increasing the visibility of our research programs.


I have served on Research Council for ~2 years. In this role, I present a COE perspective to the MSU-wide Research Council, and I have emphasized the ability of COE researchers and teams to contribute to the overall campus research mission. Despite our notable successes within the COE, we are often overlooked as a major contributor to campus research because of our extraordinary undergraduate degree production. My philosophy is that we can and should excel at both our research and teaching missions, and I present this viewpoint to the Council with an emphasis on the power of engineering research to both support basic science and promote economic development. I would be honored to continue as the COE representative to Research Council where I plan to continue promoting our PIs and programs as well as finding and creating additional opportunities for COE research.

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