Group Scoop: 2017-18 Academic Year

Here at CPS, we are fully invested in meeting the mental health needs of our students at MSU. This includes offering group counseling opportunities to address common issues experienced by many college students  including loneliness, depression, anxiety, personal identity, and relationship concerns. Group counseling provides students with the unique opportunity to connect with peers in a safe, confidential, and supportive space. Through group engagement, students can develop insights and skills that help them address challenges and deepen connections. Perhaps most importantly, they can also learn they are not alone with the struggles they face.

Our groups are an hour long and typically small in size (generally 8 members). They are offered at various times to accommodate busy student schedules. Take a look below and give us a call to learn more about how group counseling might be right for you!


Spring Semester Support Groups

Interpersonal Process Group:

Because past and present interactions with others contribute to shaping personality and experience, process groups are often the treatment of choice for individuals dealing with loneliness/sense of isolation, unsatisfactory relationships, depression, anxiety, self-esteem concerns, and personal identity. These groups offer a safe and confidential environment to connect with others; feel less alone or isolated; identify and explore feelings; give and receive support and feedback; and practice new, healthier ways of relating to others.

GROUP TIMES: Tuesdays weekly at 6pm & Wednesdays weekly at 5pm


Mindfulness Skills Group:

These groups offer a variety of skills to improve overall well-being and manage daily stressors via developing a more balanced, purposeful way of being. Members will gain practice using meditation, gentle yoga and other soothing movement, and guided imagery techniques to reduce stress, improve concentration and attention, cultivate awareness, and promote mindfulness and reflection. 

GROUP TIMES: Mondays weekly at 11am & Tuesdays weekly at 5pm 


Managing Depression and Anxiety:

In this group, students will gain and develop coping skills to manage aspects of depression and anxiety that may be interfering with academic success and overall quality of life. The group offers a supportive, more structured environment where students can learn to recognize individual signs and symptoms of distress, gain specific strategies to manage these symptoms, and develop longer-term approaches to self-care.

GROUP TIMES: Thursdays at 4pm (please contact CPS for specific dates)