What is a Consultation?

Groups, organizations, and departments often operate like a system, and there are times when systems don't function at their optimal level. Transitions, changes, differences in interpersonal communcation styles, etc., can all have an impact on how a unit functions. There are times when it is useful to consult with somebody outside the system to assess functioning and offer a more objective suggestion for improvement. A consultation with an outside source, in this case CPS, can provide the following benefits:

  • Assessment of functioning
  • Team Building
  • Improving communication
  • Aiding in making changes or developing new programs
  • Evaluating the consequences of implementing new programs or changes
  • Providing specialized training (e.g. RA training, communication skills, crisis intervention).

What Can I Expect?

Consultations are brief and time-limited in nature. Our consultants will meet with a representative from your organization to assess your needs and goals. In collaboration with you, we will identify the goals and outcomes you wish to obtain from a consultation with us. Any intervention strategies will be made in collaboration with your organization's representative, and implementation of such strategies will be a mutual decision between your organization and our consultants. After an intervention has been implemented, there is typically some sort of outcome evaluation to ascertain whether the goals of the consultation have been met.

Who Provides Consultation?

Consultation services are provied by senior staff members or advanced-level predoctoral interns. Because these staff members are trained in psychological issues, their expertise lies in understanding human behavior, communicating with people, and helping others facilitate change and cope with transitions.


An organizational consultation with members of our staff would be subject to the same strict rules of confidentiality as any other CPS service.


Consultation services are generally free of charge. We may assess a fee if services are to be on-going, or to cover the costs of resources or materials. Consultation services indirectly benefit the student body because helping campus units improve their functioning, and thus better serve students, will likely increase student satisfaction and help optimize their experience at MSU.