David Bertelsen

David Bertelsen, Extension agent for Wibaux County, won a Provost's Excellence in Outreach Award. Bertelsen not only has made significant contributions to Extension programs in his county, by helping connect Wibaux to the outside world by initiating a community-visioning project that resulted in a visitor center and rest area that attracts freeway traffic into the town. Submitted photo.

Laura Black

Laura Black, business, received the Women's Faculty Caucus Distinguished Mentor Award for her commitment to advocate and mentor for numerous female faculty members in the College of Business and across campus. She has created a supportive research and teaching environment for those faculty members and has initiated informal mentoring relationships with junior faculty in the College of Business. Photo by Leslie McDaniel.

Brian Bothner

Brian Bothner, chemistry and biochemistry, is a winner of the Wiley Award for Meritorious Research and Creativity. Bothner is widely recognized as a pioneer in developing mass spectrometry methods and the creative use of mass spectrometry to understand how viruses and biological systems function. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Phil Bruckner

Phil Bruckner, plant sciences and plant pathology, won a Vice President for Research's Meritorious Technology/Science Award for his research, plant breeding expertise, student development and new varieties of wheat. Bruckner led a winter wheat breeding project that generated sales of 300,000 bushels and plantings of more than 250,000 acres in Montana and the region. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Glenna Burg

Glenna Burg, nursing, won the Excellence in Online Teaching Award for pioneering online course teaching and development in the College of Nursing. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Susan Cohen

Susan Cohen, history and philosophy, won a Wiley Award for Meritorious Research and Creativity. She analyzes settlement patterns, the rise of urbanism and international interconnections in the second millennium B.C.E. in the eastern Mediterranean, particularly in the Middle Bronze Age in the southern Levant (present-day Israel/Palestine). Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Jeffrey Conger

Jeffrey Conger, School of Art/graphics design, won a Cox Family Faculty Excellence Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching. Conger is a talented designer and photographer in his own right who uses professional experiences to enrich his teaching. As a result, his students are regularly recognized as being among the top 10 student designers in the country. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Betsy Danforth

Betsy Danforth, director of the MSU Women's Center, was awarded the inaugural President's Commission on the Status of University Women Award for her many years of work on campus on behalf of women in a number of different areas, including helping create the VOICE Center, revitalizing Students Against Sexual Assault and Students for Choice and serving on the Women's and Gender Studies Committee since its inception. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Doug Downs

Doug Downs, English, won an Academic Advising Award. While Downs is a specialist in the area of rhetoric and composition, he epitomizes a skilled adviser, with a record of 30-40 English major advisees per year. He also serves as an unofficial mentor to many more. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Florence Dunkel

Florence Dunkel, plant sciences and pathology, received a President's Excellence in Teaching Award. Dunkel has developed discovery-based teaching that links MSU students with Mali, the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and the Crow (Apsaalooke) Indian Reservation. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Eric Funk

Eric Funk, music, received the 2013 James and Mary Ross Provost's Award for Excellence. Funk teaches some of MSU's most popular classes and serves as creative director and driving force behind the award-winning "11th & Grant with Eric Funk" on MontanaPBS. He is a jazz musician, recording artist, conductor, band director and church musical director, but most of all he is a composer with more than 121 major works. Photo courtesy of MontanaPBS.

Robin Gerlach

Robin Gerlach, chemical and biological engineering, won a Cox Family Faculty Excellence Award. Gerlach has an international reputation for groundbreaking research resulting from his study of the complex interactions between biofilm growth and environmental conditions. He has worked on using biofilms to create subsurface barriers for use in bioremediation of environmental contaminants, as well in carbon sequestration and bioenergy. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Christina Hayes

Christina Hayes, mathematical sciences, won a President's Excellence in Teaching Award for her creativity and passion for teaching mathematics and statistics. In addition to being a highly effective and imaginative instructor, she is said to be the heart and soul of her department. She helped found the math club, encourages students to branch out into research, organizes undergraduate seminars and recruitment visits and advises students participating in an international math modeling competition. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Steven Holmgren

Steven Holmgren, chemistry and biochemistry, won an Academic Advising Award. Holmgren teaches 11 undergraduate courses and serves as adviser to all undergraduate chemistry majors. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Laura Humberger

Laura Humberger, associate vice president for financial services, has won the inaugural Firefly Award of Excellence given to an employee who makes a significant innovation. Her award stemmed for her proposal eliminating an online payment fee. The change improved data security and improved efficiency in the cashier's office. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

David Lageson

David Lageson, geology/Earth sciences, won both a Provost's Excellence in Outreach Award and a President's Excellence in Teaching Award. Lageson, who has been at MSU for 32 years, transformed an expedition to Mount Everest last spring into a research opportunity as well as an education and outreach program that inspired students, teachers and the general public in Montana and around the world. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Brock LaMeres

Brock LaMeres, electrical and computer engineering, won a Teaching Innovation Award for innovations including the development of a remote laboratory system that allows students to control laboratory equipment on campus from any computer, enabling them to complete the laboratory component of a course without having to come to campus. He is also the primary adviser of MSU's NASA Lunabotics team that won NASA's systems engineering paper category in 2012 and won the national championship for mining in 2010. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Benfang Lei

Benfang Lei, immunology and infectious diseases, won a Charles and Nora L. Wiley Faculty Award for Meritorious Research and Creativity. Lei is an expert in the area of bacterial pathogenesis known he is recognized for elucidating how bacterial pathogens evade host immune system and developing therapeutics to treat streptococcal bacteria-caused devastating diseases in humans. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Bethany Letiecq

Bethany Letiecq, health and human development, received the Betty Coffey Award recognizing the championing of women's equity and minority issues in the curriculum. Letiecq works in partnership with Latino migrants in the Gallatin Valley to develop interventions to improve migrant mental health and well-being. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Rob Maher

Rob Maher, professor and department head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, won an Academic Advising Award. Maher received the National Academic Advising Association's 2012 Outstanding Advising Award in the faculty category. MSU's annual survey of graduating students named Maher's department the best for student advising satisfaction. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Charles "Bill" McLaughlin

Charles "Bill" McLaughlin of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry won a Teaching Innovation Award. McLaughlin is known for introducing chemistry to majors, as well as to students from other disciplines, using innovative classrooms that offer real-world demonstrations and the technology of online learning. McLaughlin incorporates live demonstrations into nearly every lecture and his "chemicast" Web-based podcasts offer students another look at his presented material. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Sheila Nielsen-Preiss

Sheila Nielsen-Preiss, director of the Health Professions Advising Office and research professor in immunology and infectious diseases, won an inaugural Academic Advising Award. Nielsen-Preiss assists students in understanding academic and extracurricular requirements for health professional schools as well as exploring possible career options in the health care delivery system. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Maire O'Neill

Maire O'Neill, architecture, won a Provost's Award for Undergraduate Research/Creativity Mentoring award for 22 years of teaching, mentoring and collaborative research with students ranging from those beginning their degree program to those completing master's thesis design projects. Many of her students have received external recognition, such as awards, conference presentations and exhibits, every year beginning in the early '90s. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

John Peters

John Peters, chemistry and biochemistry, received a 2013 Cox Family Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching. Peters has a thriving research program that is focused on the study of enzymes that are important for fundamental biochemical processes. In addition to running his lab, Peters serves as director for the MSU Center for Astrobiology and Life in Extreme Environments and for the Thermal Biology Institute. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Kevin Repasky

Kevin Repasky, electrical and computer engineering, received a Meritorious Technology/Science Award. Repasky has an international reputation in the field of laser remote sensing, with a strong record of technology development and transfer. Laser remote sensing devices Repasky has helped develop are used to study and predict weather, model climate change, monitor carbon dioxide at carbon sequestration study sites and assist in removing landmines from war-torn countries. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Jessi L. Smith

Jessi L. Smith, psychology, won a 2013 Cox Family Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching. Smith's research focuses on the roles that gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation play in understanding stereotypes. Smith is the principal investigator of the $3.4 million NSF ADVANCE grant to MSU, which has the potential to transform MSU by increasing the representation and advancement of women in academic STEM and social/behavioral science careers. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Luther Talbert

Luther Talbert, plant sciences and plant pathology, received a Meritorious Technology/Science Award. A
spring wheat breeding program led by Talbert has developed higher yielding and pest resistant varieties including the two leading spring wheat varieties planted in Montana. They have been grown on approximately 15 million acres in Montana since 2000. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

David Varricchio

David Varricchio, Earth sciences, won a Provost's Award for Undergraduate Research/Creativity Mentoring. Varricchio has a sustained and successful record of mentoring students, providing both field and lab paleontology research opportunities. He has made student research central to all of his classes, as well as his own research. He is the recipient of an NSF Career Award, which included as a major component an educational plan for extensive student participation. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Carolyn Wenger

Carolyn Wenger, College of Nursing faculty in Billings, and Perry Roberts, executive director of the Montana Rescue Mission, won the inaugural President's Award for Excellence in Service Learning for a service-learning program that engages nursing students with the Montana Rescue Mission, which serves the homeless in Billings. Photo by Carolyn Wenger.

Bill Wyckoff

Bill Wyckoff won an Anna K. Fridley Distinguished Teaching Award given by the Phi Kappa Phi honorary. Wyckoff has taught at MSU for 26 years and is praised for his mentoring of both undergraduate and graduate students. Colleagues praise him for his ability to bring his research into the classroom and to keep students informed about ways to think about changes in the cultural landscape. Photo by Kelly Gorham.

Linda Young

Linda Young won an Anna K. Fridley Distinguished Teaching Award given by the Phi Kappa Phi honorary. Young is in her 17th year of teaching students at MSU about the international political economy. Highly regarded for her work on food security, Young helps students understand that their world is constantly being shaped and reshaped in light of international economic and political developments. Photo by Kelly Gorham.