Jessi Smith
MSU-based study finds underrepresented students study science if they believe it helps their community
January 22, 2015
An article published in this month’s issue of the journal BioScience by scientists at MSU and California State University, Long Beach, found students from underrepresented groups will pursue careers in biosciences if they align with cultural values. Read more...
MSU grad student returns from the sea with ancient samples, unforgettable experience
January 15, 2015
An MSU graduate student was part of a team that sailed on the final scientific voyage of the same ship that carried researchers to the sunken Titanic. Max Amenabar is now examining microbial life in 3-million-year-old sediments from the ocean floor. Read more...
Science cover
MSU research featured on covers of scientific journals
November 7, 2014
MSU research was featured on the covers of at least four scientific journals in October. Read more...

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