MSU professor Mark Young will discuss how MSU research in Yellowstone National Park is expanding our understanding of the role viruses play in the world. The lecture is set for 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 9, at the Museum of the Rockies' Hager Auditorium.
MSU researchers develop new process for discovering viruses
February 3, 2016
The research was published in January in the Journal of Virology, a biweekly journal of the American Society for Microbiology. Read more...
Mark Jutila
MSU’s provost’s lecturer series continues Feb. 16 with talk by immunologist Mark Jutila
January 25, 2016
MSU professor Mark Jutila will speak on the journey of a white blood cell — and his own journey as an immunologist — when he presents the next installment of the Provost’s Distinguished Lecturer Series on Tuesday, Feb. 16. Read more...
Raina Plowright
Study shows bat deaths worldwide rising due to human causes
January 20, 2016
A new study co-authored by MSU’s Raina Plowright has found that collisions with wind turbines and the outbreak of white-nose syndrome lead the reported causes of mass death in bats since 2000. Read more...
Ryan Jones
MSU professor wins award from National Geographic to research bacteria of insects that spread diseases
December 7, 2015
MSU Assistant Professor Ryan Jones, along with graduate student Nick Pinkham, will travel to the Peruvian Amazon in March to collect thousands of mosquitos, fleas and ticks to study. Read more...
Robertson Glacier.
MSU professors study chemical process that sustains microbial life under glaciers
November 23, 2015
Research by MSU professors and others appearing in Nature Geoscience has found that the grinding action of glaciers and ice sheets against silicate rocks, when combined with water, releases enough hydrogen gas to sustain methanogenic archaea. Read more...
Alayna Caffrey
Caffrey, Willems receive Kopriva fellowships
August 19, 2015
MSU doctoral students Alayna Caffrey and Daniel Willems will receive $5,000 to support their research as recipients of 2015 Kopriva Graduate Student Fellowships from the MSU College of Letters and Science. Read more...
MSU team publishes findings about compound with potential for treating rheumatoid arthritis
May 20, 2015
The June issue of the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics features an MSU study on a chemical compound with potential for treating rheumatoid arthritis. Read more...
Jessi Smith
MSU-based study finds underrepresented students study science if they believe it helps their community
January 22, 2015
An article published in this month’s issue of the journal BioScience by scientists at MSU and California State University, Long Beach, found students from underrepresented groups will pursue careers in biosciences if they align with cultural values. Read more...
MSU grad student returns from the sea with ancient samples, unforgettable experience
January 15, 2015
An MSU graduate student was part of a team that sailed on the final scientific voyage of the same ship that carried researchers to the sunken Titanic. Max Amenabar is now examining microbial life in 3-million-year-old sediments from the ocean floor. Read more...
Science cover
MSU research featured on covers of scientific journals
November 7, 2014
MSU research was featured on the covers of at least four scientific journals in October. Read more...

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