Chengci Chen at EARC
Chen research matches environmental factors to pea genetics to increase crop yield and protein content
June 21, 2017
MSU research, recently published in Agronomy Journal, finds that attuning environmental conditions with pea genetics produces higher yield and more protein for Montana farmers. Read more...
Hikmet Budak
MSU Plant Sciences Endowed Chair named associate editor of leading plant science journal
June 20, 2017
Hikmet Budak, MSU Winifred Asbjornson Plant Sciences Chair , will serve as an associate editor of one of the world’s top-ranking research publications in plant sciences. Read more...
Pulse crops
MSU agronomy farm’s July 7 field day to focus on latest agriculture research
June 19, 2017
The MSU College of Agriculture and Montana Agricultural Experiment Station invite the public to a field day at the Arthur H. Post Agronomy teaching and research farm, five miles west of Bozeman, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Friday, July 7. Read more...
Lambing at Montana State Red Bluff Research Ranch
MSU lambing season full of life lessons
June 8, 2017
The Montana Agricultural Experiment Station’s Red Bluff Ranch recently completed its annual lambing season with the help of students in the Montana State University College of Agriculture. Read more...
George Haynes
MSU research may help Montana families better afford child care
June 7, 2017
MSU economist George Haynes was commissioned to develop a survey to analyze child care costs across the state. The state will use the data to help determine subsidy rates for scholarships provided to low-income families to assist with child care costs. Read more...
Celebrate Ag logo
MSU College of Agriculture seeks nominations for outstanding agricultural leader
June 6, 2017
The MSU College of Agriculture is seeking nominations for outstanding agricultural leaders to honor during its 2017 Celebrate Agriculture event, set for Nov. 3-4. Read more...
MSU student presents at National Conferences for Undergraduate Research
MSU students present projects at national conference that promotes undergraduate research
May 31, 2017
The students presented their work on a range of projects, including a comparison of urban and rural red fox vocalizations and a study on algae as a potential biofuel. MSU will host the annual conference in 2020, which draws more than 4,000 students. Read more...
Norm Asbjornsen
MSU alum Norm Asbjornson donates $2 million to MSU’s Montana Plant Sciences Chair
May 30, 2017
Longtime MSU supporter Norm Asbjornson has given $2 million in support of the Montana Plant Sciences Chair, the first endowed chair in the MSU College of Agriculture. The chair will formally be named the Winifred Asbjornson Plant Sciences Chair. Read more...
Signpost at Fort Ellis Farm
MSU to host June 13 field day at Fort Ellis farm
May 26, 2017
The day-long public event will focus on principles of organic agriculture. Read more...
Melody Lindsay
MSU doctoral student wins scholarship for study of Utah’s Great Salt Lake
May 23, 2017
Melody Lindsay won the award for her work in how the lake’s changing salinity affects the microorganisms in the lake and the lifeforms that depend on them as food sources. This is the first time the scholarship has been awarded to someone outside of Utah. Read more...

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