Elizabeth Shanahan and Raina Plowright
MSU scientists win $1.65 million NSF grant to study how human behavior impacts spread of infectious diseases
September 14, 2017
MSU epidemiologist Raina Plowright and MSU political scientist Elizabeth Shanahan are collaborating with a multidisciplinary international research team to examine the ways human activity contributes to the spread of infectious diseases. Read more...
Bighorn sheep
MSU researcher works to restore struggling bighorn sheep populations
September 5, 2017
MSU epidemiologist Raina Plowright recently completed a four-year study of a bighorn sheep population in Oregon infected with a pathogen that can cause pneumonia. The findings have been published in Ecology Letters. Read more...
Students look at lab samples in Voyich-Kane's lab
Salish Kootenai College students tour MSU science labs to explore graduate education
September 5, 2017
Fourteen students toured labs in MSU’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology to learn more about opportunities for graduate research. The tour is part of Salish Kootenai College’s efforts to encourage Native students to seek advanced degrees. Read more...
Ed Schmidt
MSU scientist publishes findings that may explain how cancerous tumors survive after treatment
August 8, 2017
Ed Schmidt published the research in the journal Cell Reports. The new findings build on Schmidt’s discovery of a backup system in mammals that sustains the liver during a crisis and may explain how cancerous tumors persist after treatment. Read more...
Graduate Student Chris Barbour
Three MSU doctoral students receive 2017 Kopriva Graduate Student Fellowships
August 8, 2017
Christopher Barbour, Rachel Rawle and Paul van Erp received the award from MSU’s College of Letters and Science. All three work on research with biomedical applications. Read more...
Dan Colman
MSU team looks back at 25 years of exploring a new frontier in Earth's crust
July 5, 2017
MSU postdoctoral researcher Dan Colman and MSU assistant professor Eric Boyd, both in MSU's Department of Microbiology and Immunology, have published a retrospective of the past quarter-century of searching for life deep in Earth’s crust. Read more...
MSU student presents at National Conferences for Undergraduate Research
MSU students present projects at national conference that promotes undergraduate research
May 31, 2017
The students presented their work on a range of projects, including a comparison of urban and rural red fox vocalizations and a study on algae as a potential biofuel. MSU will host the annual conference in 2020, which draws more than 4,000 students. Read more...
Melody Lindsay
MSU doctoral student wins scholarship for study of Utah’s Great Salt Lake
May 23, 2017
Melody Lindsay won the award for her work in how the lake’s changing salinity affects the microorganisms in the lake and the lifeforms that depend on them as food sources. This is the first time the scholarship has been awarded to someone outside of Utah. Read more...
Jayme Feyhl-Buska
MSU alumna wins fellowship to research how microbes survive deep inside Earth’s crust
May 10, 2017
Jayme Feyhl-Buska, who earned her degree in biology, will use the National Science Foundation award to support her doctoral studies at USC. Feyhl-Buska’s research of microbes in extreme environments has implications in future life-finding missions. Read more...
Montana State University student Josh Carter holds a model of a protein structure in the Blake Wiedenheft laboratory.
MSU scientists publish papers in two scientific journals that advance understanding of how bacteria fight viruses
May 10, 2017
MSU senior Joshua Carter and research associate MaryClare Rollins were lead authors of the papers that further research into a biotechnology that can potentially cure genetic diseases. Read more...

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