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"Determining Stocking Rates" Publication Available

5/97 BOZEMAN -- A new publication from Montana State University provides producers with a method to convert actual measurements of forage production into appropriate livestock stocking rates.

"Determining Forage Production and Stocking Rates: A Clipping Procedure for Rangelands" is a new publication authored by MSU's Fallon-Carter Extension Agent Larry Brence and Extension Noxious Weed Specialist Roger Sheley.

The guide gives a method for converting actual forage production into "animal unit months." An AUM is the amount of forage necessary to sustain one 1,000 pound cow and its calf for one month. A mature bull requires more forage and rates as the equivalent of 1.25 AUM, while a ewe and lamb less than two months old rates as only two-tenths of an AUM.

The publication also includes a "stocking rate worksheet" that would lead a producer through the process of determining a proper stocking rate.

The four-page MontGuide 9704 is free if ordered and picked up at your local MSU county Extension office or costs $2.95 if ordered through Extension Publications, P.O. Box 172040, Bozeman, Mont., 59717 (406) 994-3273. It is also available in free Adobe Acrobat Reader format on the World Wide Web at:   You can use this link to first get the free Acrobat Reader software.

You can send questions or comments to Carol Flaherty, MSU Communications Services, Bozeman, MT 59717 or email to

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