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Horse Whisperer Producer Affiliates
with MSU-Bozeman Film School

09/18/97 BOZEMAN -- Patrick Markey, co-producer of The Horse Whisperer and a film executive with many acclaimed projects in his credits, has accepted a position as an adjunct professor in Montana State University-Bozeman's Department of Media and Theatre Arts.

University officials said that Markey, who has a home in Livingston, has received a permanent appointment to a non-tenured position beginning fall semester. Markey will lecture and conduct workshops on film production, which will allow him to "give back to the film industry as well as Montana," he said.

"I hope to provide a hands-on knowledge that many film students don't usually receive," said Markey from the set of The Horse Whisperer. The feature-length film stars Robert Redford, who is also Markey's co-producer on the project. The duo also jointly produced the acclaimed A River Runs Through It in 1990, also shot in Montana.

"I find recent graduates from film schools often have astute critical ability, they can endlessly discuss film theory and critique scenes from the most obscure movies ever made. When it comes down to production situations, where to park the trucks, how much raw stock to budget, the practical details of how to make a movie, they have very little frame of reference."

Markey said he hopes to impart knowledge he has gained in more than 20 years coming up through the ranks in the business. A native of Fostoria, Ohio, Markey graduated with a degree in theatre from Ohio State University. He worked for the Ohio Film Commission, where he met Robert Redford during the production of Brubaker. Markey served as location manager on Ordinary People, Redford's directing debut, and moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to work as a production executive on Redford's The Natural. Other Markey credits include Thief, Michael Mann's feature debut, Death of an Angel, Stacking, The Dark Wind, The Joy Luck Club, The Quick and the Dead, Bogus, and The Associate.

In 1990 Markey reunited with Redford on The River Runs Through It. That experience, as well as a friendship with MSU-Bozeman film professor Dennis Aig that dates to when both were Ohio State students, convinced Markey that Montana "was a good place to be." He purchased a home on the Yellowstone several years ago, where he says he enjoys gardening and being eluded by wily rainbows. Markey also resides in Venice, Calif.

"I believe that we have developed one of the strongest undergraduate programs in film in the country," said Paul Monaco, head of MSU's Department of Media and Theatre Arts. "Still, we are located at a great distance from the centers of motion picture production. The willingness of a number of professionals from the industry to become involved with us as resources for our students is enormously important and greatly appreciated."

Markey said he enjoys working with students, and employed several MSU-Bozeman film students, or graduates, in the crew of A Horse Whisperer. In addition, several MSU-Bozeman film students or alumni are members of the crew filming a documentary, "The Making of The Horse Whisperer." That project is under Aig's direction, as was the award-winning "The Making of A River Runs Through It."

Markey will teach at MSU-Bozeman when his film schedule allows. Other professional adjunct professors in the Department of Media and Theatre Arts include: actor and fellow Livingston resident Peter Fonda; McLeod novelist and screenwriter William Hjortsberg; producer Michael Hausman (Amadeus, The Firm), who owns a ranch north of Big Timber. They join newly appointed adjunct professors Markey and Andrew Laszlo, ASC, director of photography for Newsies, Southern Comfort, Rambo: First Blood. Laszlo has been coming to his family ranch near Ennis summers since the 1950s.

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