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Frequently Asked Questions

Conference & Event Services

The Conference Services Website is Currently Under Construction.
Please call us at 406-994-3081 for the most updated Conference Services information.

Conference Registrations
Summer Housing

SUB Space Reservations

How do I reserve space in the Strand Union Building?

You will need to contact the main Conference Services office at 406-994-3081.

Who can reserve space in the Strand Union Building?

Student clubs and organizations, as well as University Departments can reserve space in the SUB. For these groups the space can be reserved at no charge, but may have rental fees for additional equipment if requested. Non-campus groups can also reserve space in the SUB for a basic rental fee and will need to be contracted.

Conference Registrations

How do I register for a conference?

You can register to attend a conference through our online registration or by contacting the organization sponsoring your conference.

Can I register for a conference online?

You can register to attend a conference through our online registration if this service has been arranged for your conference. If this service is not setup for your conference, you will need to contact the organization sponsoring your conference.


How do I get a refund?

At the time of check-out your charges will be updated to reflect the number of nights you actually stayed. You will then need to fill out a refund request form for approval and processing. Due to the business procedures at the university, we are unable to perform refunds at the residence hall front desk. You will be notified of any additional steps required to complete the refund process. Please be aware that there is a refund processing fee that will be applied to all refunds.


I'm bringing a child or guest who will not be attending the conference, where can he/she eat?

If you are staying in the residence Halls, campus dining halls are a great option for any meal during the week and select meals on weekends. Take a look at the schedule of summer hours. The Strand Union Building is another dining option, the Union Market is open from 7:00am - 2:00pm Monday through Friday. The Union Market offers a variety of selections including a salad bar and grill. The University is also surrounded by affordable eateries and grocery stores. Ask a staff member for recommendations.

I'm nursing a young child, is there a private location for this?

The University has a designated Family Care Room equipped for breastfeeding/breast pumping on campus, located in 121 Hamilton Hall.

Summer Housing Reservations

When is on campus summer housing available?

On campus housing is available from the second Saturday in May to the second Saturday in August.

Who is eligible for on campus summer housing at MSU?

On campus housing is available for anyone attending a conference that is held at MSU or anyone who is visiting for University business.

How do I register for campus housing during my summer visit?
There are a couple different ways to register for on campus housing:
  • Housing Registration - If you are already registered to attend a conference, and you need to register for housing only, please select the Accommodations link and then selecting the conference in which you are attending.
  • Conference Registration - If you need to register for BOTH a conference and housing, please select the Conference Registration link and then selecting the conference in which you are attending.
  • What do I do if I am unable to access the registration link for my conference?

    The conference or housing registration may have been closed due to the close proximity to the start of your conference. If this is not the case, you will need to contact the conference organizer for your conference.

    Where do I go when I arrive?

    Please refer to your reservation confirmation to indicate the Residence Hall where you will be staying. This will be the place you will need to check-in. If you are unable to locate this information, you can go to Johnstone Residence Hall for assistance.

    Can my spouse/friend stay with me during my stay?

    You are welcome to have a spouse/friend stay with you during your stay at MSU. You and your guest will need to make arrangements through the residence hall front desk by registering your guest to stay in the residence hall. At this time your reservation will be adjusted to a Double room while your guest is visiting.

    Can I check in later than 1:00PM?

    You are welcome to check in any time after 1:00PM on your arrival date. The residence hall front desk is open 24 hours a day for assistance.

    Will you be assigning me a roommate?

    MSU Conference Services does not automatically assign roommates. If you have a preferred roommate, both guests will need to indicate one another's names to ensure proper placement together. If no roommate is specified, then you will be automatically assigned to a Single room and charged accordingly.

    Is there transportation available from the airport to MSU?

    Transportation from the airport to the MSU campus is available by taxi or rental car.

    Are the Residence Halls air conditioned?

    The buildings are not air conditioned. Each room has a window for ventilation and fans are available for no charge at the hall's front desk on a first come first serve basis.

    Where will I be staying for Orientation?

    All students participating in an Orientation Session will be staying in a designated hall with other Orientation Students for the Monday and Tuesday nights. If you have arranged for housing before or after your Orientation Session, you will be staying in a different hall, please check your reservation confirmation for details.

    How do I get housing for the night(s) before and/or after my Orientation session?

    You will need to register for the night before your orientation begins. Then in the "Notes" area, indicate the dates that you will need housing after your orientation session ends. You will need to pay for your stay before Orientation at the time of registration. Your registration will be updated for your second stay after Orientation, and you will need to pay for this stay at the time of check-in.

    What restaurants are close to campus?

    There are many resturants and coffee shops within walking distance to campus. Downtown Bozeman is also only about 12 blocks from the university. Please visit our Restaurant Guide for listings near by.

    What is the mailing address for conference guests?
    Conferee/Camper Name
    Attn: Front Desk
    Conference/Camp Name
    Date of Conference
    **100 or 200 Hall Name
    Bozeman, MT 59717
    Jane Smith
    Attn: Front Desk
    Basketball Camp
    June 5-10, 2014
    200 North Hedges Hall
    Bozeman, MT 59717
    **100 applies to the Hannon, Hapner, Langford, Johnstone Halls
    **200 applies to the North Hedges, South Hedges, Roskie, Headwaters Complex