Fork in the Road

University Culinary Services
february 20-23 - western u.s.

FEB 20 - 23 | Western US

Fork in the Road will be closed on days when the temperature is under 20 ℉ (-6 ℃).

closed Monday

president's day holiday


roast bear

with Indigenous vegetables (gluten free)

corn & bean bruschetta

toasted & topped with tomatoes, red pepper pesto & sage pesto (gluten free) 


west coast salmon, cod, & potato chowder

(gluten free)

three sisters salad

with prickly pear pads (gluten free)


bear ribs

with house-made huckleberry BBQ sauce with pinion cakes (gluten free)

butternut squash ravioli

served over greens with pinion nuts (gluten free)


smoked turkey & watercress sandwich

(gluten free)

blue corn sticks

with rhubarb sauce (gluten free)

Weekly Drink Specials

blackberry tea

with blackberry simple syrup

peppermint tea


Fork in the Road Food Truck

Welcome to the Fork in the Road food truck. Created almost five years ago, Fork in the Road is an educational tool that supports sustainable foods and regional cuisine from around the world. Whenever possible, truck staff members engage with local suppliers to source sustainably produced foods. Run by university students working with a full-time manager, the food truck is a unique addition to MSU’s campus.

Spring 2018 - Tour of the Americas, circa 1491

Fork in the Road staff created the “Tour of the Americas circa 1491” as a mouthwatering way to integrate learning, discovery and engagement. To help the MSU community learn more about the origin of common foods, all of the entrées featured as part of the tour are from plants and animals native to the Americas. The tour highlights some of the many ways contact with food from the Americas revolutionized the world food scene. People from many campus departments are collaborating and sharing their expertise during the spring semester through Native lectures, nutritional information, plant walks, Indigenous film festivals, library displays, and other activities. Please check back on our webpage throughout the semester for upcoming events!


11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Montana Hall Mon • Tues • Wed • Thurs • Fri
Closed Sat • Sun

*Closed on days when the temperature is under 20 ℉ (-6 ℃).