Student Safety & Welfare

If there is immediate risk to life or property, call 911 or University Police at (406) 994-2121.

Report a Concern


Campus Safety and Welfare Team (CSWT)


As a result of growing national trends on college campuses of mental health issues and the increase in unsafe behaviors leading to harm or death, Montana State University has created the Campus Safety and Welfare Team (CSWT). In order to promote the safety and wellness of the University, the CSWT addresses behaviors that are disruptive or concerning and may include mental health and/or safety issues.


The CSWT is a multi-disciplinary team composed of members from the Office of the Dean of Students, University Police, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Service, and Residence Life.  They maintain responsibility for discussing, assessing, and responding to reports of individuals who are demonstrating disruptive or concerning behaviors.  The CSWT is designed to be a centralized entity that is proactive in providing swift, coordinated, caring, and developmental intervention to member of the campus community prior to crisis.


A person of concern is any individual who demonstrates disruptive or problematic behavior, expresses personal difficulties, exhibits mental or emotional instability, or otherwise causes another member of the campus community to feel apprehension for their safety or for the safety of the person of concern.


Safety Questionnaire Review Committee

Mission and Purpose

The Committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating new and returning applicants for admission to Montana State University who, in accordance with the university admissions policy, disclose a criminal or other specified behavioral history of a nature that may adversely affect their own or others’ safety and success at Montana State University, and for determining whether they should be accepted into the University community in accordance with the Board of Regents Policy.


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