The Office of Disability Services strives to help students with disabilities reach their personal best. This is accomplished through providing reasonable academic accommodations, connecting students to other campus resources, and by promoting self-advocacy skills.

If you received accommodations in high school, please refer to the chart below to help understand the differences between receiving services at the high school and university levels.

Additionally, see the Office of Civil Rights page which outlines the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities that are attending colleges and universities, including the differences between receiving disability services in a high school and college environment.

Receiving Accommodations: High School vs. University
High School (IEP) College (ADA)
Language Learning Difference Language Learning Disability

Disability Identified by School:

Some disabilities are identified by school staff. In the majority of cases, the school follows-up with the student on a regular bases.

Disability Identified by Student:

The student is responsible for checking in with the Office of Disability Services if they are seeking accommodations. Student is responsible for communicating their accommodation with each of their instructors.

Assessment Paid by School Assessment Paid by Student

School/Parent Advocates for Student

Student Advocates for Themselves:

Students are responsible for their own success. If a need is not being met or an accommodation needs to be changed, students are responsible for communicating this to their instructor or to the Office of Disability Services

Decisions Made by a Team

Decisions Made by the Student


Whether you are are an incoming freshman, transfer student, or an existing MSU student who would like to be evaluated for accommodations, please select the "Click Here to Register" from the left-side menu (if you are using a mobile device, such as a cell phone, tap on the "Site Menu" bar).