Patrick Photo

Patrick Begnoche

Patrick was a graduate student in the MS program at Montana State University from 2014-2016. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. His research interests include epigenetics, ecopsychology, and understanding the neuropsychological processes involved in mindfulness and compassion meditation.

Katie Photo

Katie Garrison

Katie was a graduate student at Montana State University and worked primarily on the CARES study. Katie earned her M.S. in Psychological Science in 2015 and is now a Ph.D. student in Social Psychology at Texas A & M University in College Station, TX. 

Brittany Photo

Brittany Guest

Brittany was a research assistant in the DOME lab from 2014-2015. Brittany worked on both the SPACE and CARES studies. She completed her B.S. in Cell Biololgy and Neuroscience in 2015. Brittany plans to go to medical school and specialize in neurology. Her goals include starting an outreach program to educate parents and coaches about concussions in young athletes.

Mason Photo

Mason Harrelson

Mason was a research assistant in the DOME lab during 2016. He completed his BS in Psychology in the summer of 2016 and is now taking a year to work and travel. Mason was not only busy helping in the DOME lab, but has also worked as a camera assistant in the film industry, and traveled North America and Europe for amateur road bike racing. 

Holly Picture

Holly Howe

Holly served as both a research assistant and project coordinator in the DOME Lab. Holly graduated with a degree in Psychology and also as part of MSU's program in pre-medicine. Holly will be attending PA school at the University of Iowa beginning in 2017. She loves helping and working with people and will continue to do so no matter where her future takes her.

Sadie photo

Sadie James

Sadie completed a summer internship in the DOME lab during the summer of 2015. Sadie is a junior at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Educational Studies and Women and Gender Studies. Although she is unsure of her plans following graduation, Sadie would love to continue working with kids. She is also loves anything that will get her outside, like hiking, running, and Nordic Skiing. Sadie's time with the DOME lab was her first stay in Montana, but she plans to be back as soon as possible!

Bekah Photo

Rebekah Lindsey

Rebekah was the SPACE project coordinator from 2015-2016. She completed her degree in Education at Montana State University in May 2016. Bekah is taking a year off before completing an advanced degree in Educational Psychology. 

Tanner Photo

Tanner Lineberry

Tanner was a research assistant on the SPACE study in the DOME Lab. Tanner completed his B.S. in Psychology in 2015. Tanner is currently employed as a Mental Health Specialist at Pathways Treatment Center in Kalispell, MT.

Randi Photo

Randi Phelps

Randi was the SPACE project coordinator from 2013-2015 and was the primary investigator for the CAPS study during 2014-2015. After completing her B.S. in Psychology in 2015, Randi is working toward a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Miami University in Oxford, OH.


Christopher Ross

Chris was a research assistant on the SPACE and CARES studies from 2014-2016. Chris is currently enrolled as an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) track graduate student in the school psychology program at the University of Montana in Missoula, MT. After completing two years of study and a one-year internship in the public schools, he intends to work as a school psychologist in Montana for at least two years

Jessica Photo

Jessica Stratton

Jessica was a research assistant in the DOME lab from 2013-2014. Jessica worked on the SPACE study and created the foundation for the DOME Lab website. After completing her B.S. in Psychology, Jessica began a career as an Adult Case Manager at Western Montana Mental Health Center. 

Lindsey Photo

Lindsey Whitcomb

Lindsey was a research assistant in the DOME lab from 2013-2015. Lindsey worked primarily on the SPACE study. Lindsey is working toward her B.S. in psychology at MSU. After graduation, she plans to enroll in a graduate program to become a licensed addictions counselor.