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Study of Preschoolers' Attention, Cognition, and Emotion (SPACE)

We currently have over 100 families from across the state of Montana participating in our Study of Preschoolers' Attention, Cognition, and Emotion (SPACE)! Recruitment for this project ended in Fall 2015, but participating families may be recontacted to continue their participation with us. Children will visit our laboratory to play a series of games. Parents will be asked to complete a packet of questionnaires. Families who participate in all phases can earn more than $200 for their time, Children receive a small prize as a token of appreciation following each visit to the lab. Contact us to learn more!!

Montana Minds of Mothers Study (MOMS)


We are currently recruiting mothers in their second trimester of pregnancy to participate in our Montana Minds of Mothers (MOMS) study. Moms will visit our lab three times: once during the second trimester of pregnancy, once during the third trimester, and once after infants are born. Moms will be asked to complete a packet questionnaires and two computer tasks while neural activity is recorded. At the final visit, moms will play a series of games with theirinfants in our laboratory. Participants can early up to $200 for their time. All participants receive a small token of appreciation. Contact us to learn more or sign up online!

Using Multimodal Assessments to Understand Brain-Behavior Links

Beginning in Fall 2016, we will be recruiting children and adults between ages 6 and 25 years to visit our laboratory at Montana State University for a 1-time assessment. In this work, we are testing the associations between 2 measures of neural assessment and social and emotional behaviors in children and adults. All participants will earn $50 for their time. Contact us to learn more!!