Degree(s) Held:Katie Bills Walsh

B.A. Geography, Keene State College, Keene, New Hampshire

M.A. Geography, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada

Degree Sought:

Ph.D. in Earth Sciences (Geography)

Title of Research Project:

Coalbed Methane Reclamation Activities in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming: A Community and Policy Perspective


Julia Haggerty

Email Address:

Recent Publications:

Walsh, K. B. and J. H. Haggerty. Governing unconventional legacies: Lessons from the coalbed methane boom in Wyoming. In Governing Shale Gas: Development, Citizen Participation and Decision Making in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. J. Whitton, M. Cotton, and K. Brasier, Eds. (July 2018).

Haggerty, J. H., A. Kroepsch, K. B. Walsh, K. Smith, and D. Bowen. Geographies of Impact and the Impacts of Geography: Unconventional Oil and Gas in the American West. The Extractive Industries and Society (July 2018).

Walsh, K. B. Split estate and Wyoming’s orphaned well crisis: The case of coalbed methane reclamation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming. Case Studies in the Environment (Volume 1, No. 1, December 2017).


KBW Field Work

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