Earth Sciences Seminars

2014 Fall ESCI Seminar Series
Thursday's 4:30 - 5:20 pm

243 Gaines Hall

9/4/14 Steven Whitmeyer Visualizing Geology: Past, Present, and Future  
9/11/14 Kerri Ormerod PhDc Research Associate/EPA Fellow: University of Arizona: No Shit: A Study of Potable Water Recycling and ‘Common Sense’ using Q Methodology
9/18/14 Dr. Jennifer McIntosh Associate Professor: University of Arizona: Impacts of continental glaciation on groundwater and energy resources
9/25/14 Dr. Peggy Petrzelka Utah State University:Frac(k)ing communities, fractured communications:A case study of interactions between the oil industry and rural communities
10/2/14 Lary Dilsaver University of South Alabama: American Culture, Deserts and the Mission of the National Park Service in Joshua Tree National Park
10/16/14 Dr. Rick Aster Professor and Department Head, Colorado State University: Rootless Rockies: New Results from the CREST Project.
10/23/14 Dr. John Priscu Professor of Ecology, LRES, MSU: Sources and sinks of methane beneath polar ice
10/30/14 Jelena Vukomanovic Research Assoc. CU Boulder: Interactions among disturbances, exurbanization, and climate change in the Colorado Front Range: Cascading thresholds and the shift to a wicked problem.
11/6/14 Chris Boyer Kestrel Aerial Services: Qualitative Aerial Mapping of Landscape, Habitat, and Community Change
11/13/14 Lori Babcock MSU PhD student: Structural diagenesis in Upper Devonian (Frasnian Stage) dolomite of the Little Belt Mountains and the Sawtooth Range, MT.
11/20/14 Adam Sigler MSU Water Quality Extension Associate Specialist: Engaging farmers in participatory research to understand and address nitrate leaching in the Judith Basin of central Montana.
12/4/14 Dr. Jeff Fox

Texas A&M University, Head of the Ocean Drilling Program, talk title: Exploring Earth's Deep Time: The Scientific Ocean Drilling Program

Please note: bolded lectures are outside of the normal schedule seminar dates and time.

Thank you for your participation in this semester's seminar series! Your attendance at the weekly seminars is very much appreciated by the students and faculty of ESCI

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