Cary Woodruff

Cary Woodruff

Degree(s) Held:

B.S. in Earth Sciences, Montana State University

Degree Sought:

M.S. in Earth Sciences

Title of Research Project:

Ontogenetic Influence And Timing Of Select Vertebral Features in Diplodocoidea (Dinosauria: Sauropoda)


Jack Horner

Email Address:


Woodruff, D.C., and Fowler, D.W. 2012. Ontogenetic Influence On Neural Spine Bifurcation in Diplodocoidea (Dinosauria: Sauropoda): A Critical Phylogenetic Character. Journal of Morphology.

Woodruff, D.C. 2012. A New Titanosauriform From the Early Cretaceous (Cloverly Formation) of Montana. Cretaceous Research. 36: 58-66.

Woodruff, D.C., and Varricchio, D.J. (2011). Experimental Modeling Of A Possible Oryctodromeus cubicularis (Dinosauria) Burrow. PALAIOS. 26: 140-151.

Woodruff, D.C (2009) Modeling A Dinosaur Burrow. In: Varricchio, D.J, Martin, A.J, Katsura, Y. The dinosaur that dug its burrow. Fundamental! 15: 1-70.