D2L has advised local Ecat team support staff of the following issues that may affect course behavior or user experience in regards to the Brightspace Learning Environment at this time.

Please contact D2L Extended Support directly at 1-877-325-7778 or the local Ecat team at 406-994-3255 - Option 2 with any questions about these issues.

Please check back for updates.

Assigning Special Access - Quiz Tool (3/01/16)

In a course with a roster in excess of 200 students, when adding special access to a quiz, the special access area does not allow instructors to see students past the 200 student mark.The page advance mechanism is not available for selection at the 200 level. Note also that even though the page advance mechanism is available at the lower page view levels, the instructor can never get past the 200 student mark and so cannot see the entire roster.

This is a known issue and there isn't currently any information on when this will be addressed.

For a workaround, users can set 'per page' to 200 and sort by 'Last Name' - then click on 'Last Name' again to change the sort to descending (Z to A) - which will then display names from the latter part of the roster first. This will show students who were cut off from the list. Alternatively, users can perform a search for a specific user.


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