Brightspace is functioning as expected.


The Assignments area has a bug. D2L is aware of the issue and is working to resolve in the next available Update to the Brightspace system.


Issue occurs when trying to download a document using the "Download" button via the Document Viewer area when in Assignments tool.

  • When downloaded, the .docx files show on the local computer with 0 kb in size and are blank when opened using Microsoft Word.

Available Work-a-rounds:

bulk download submitted document(s)

  1. access the appropriate Assignment "Submissions" area
  2. select the checkbox next to a student name and then select the "Download" icon at the top left of the table
  3. a dialogue box appears, the .zip file is formed - select the "Download" button when the .zip file is ready
    • after download and extraction of the .zip file, the document(s) will be available and display appropriately

D2L Screenshot 20.20.02: 3 steps illustrated as outlined in the verbiage above


download the document(s) from the "Submissions" area contextual menu

  1. access the appropriate Assignment "Submissions" area
  2. select to evaluate a student by clicking on the learner name in the Assignment's "Submissions" view
  3. on the resultant page, select the contextual menu (action carrot) to the right of the file name and use the drop menu to download from there


D2L Screenshot 20.20.02: 3 steps to show process described above.


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