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IDEA platform now used for course evaluations

Support change - MSU-Bozeman campus - January 31, 2019.

MSU is using the CampusLabs IDEA platform for all course evaluations beginning Spring semester 2019.

Access IDEA from the "Course Evaluations" link located on the Brightspace LE Homepage:

Course Evaluations link selected from the Brightspace LE Homepage nav bar

As a result of this change, the Class Climate widget is no longer available on the Brightspace LE Homepage.

If you have any questions about this, please email

Brightspace LE Instructor and Student Overview Courses

Support change - MSU-Bozeman campus - December 27, 2018.

Brightspace LE Instructor and Student Overview Courses have been discontinued.

Information related to the Brightspace LE system and courses offered via the system can be accessed at these links referenced below:

Select this link to access the Brightspace Community web site for up to date current information.

Select this link to access MSU support pages related to Brightspace LE on the MSU-Bozeman campus.


Brightspace Login Page

Design change for Brightspace LE Login Page - August 2018

MSU has redesigned the look of the Brightspace LE login page.

A clean design for login to the learning environment.

Brightspace LE CD screenshot - new MSU-Bozeman login page

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Respondus Redesign

Design changes for Respondus 4.0 - August 2018

Respondus has redesigned the look of Respondus 4.0.

To get the new look, users must either start Respondus 4.0 and use the “Check for Update” feature, or run the full installation program.

Brightspace LE – system adjustment

Domain adjustment to email inside Brightspace LE - MSU campus - August 7, 2018

Brightspace Learning Environment data was migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is served now from that location. To meet requirements of the new system platform a Brightspace LE internal/external email change occurred.

Users may notice a change in the domain configuration displayed in the email address.

After Tuesday, August 7, 2018:
To send email from an external email address INTO a mailbox in the Brightspace LE system, the address is formed by combining username with the “” domain information.

  • Note: “ecat1” domain designation. (new)

Prior to Tuesday, August 7, 2018:
To send email from an external email address INTO a mailbox in the Brightspace LE system, the address was formed by combining username with the “” domain information.

  • Note: “ecat” domain designation. (old)

No email functionality in Brightspace will change due to this adjustment.

Extended Support widget for Brightspace LE has changed

New Extended Support widget for Brightspace - MSU Campus - August 7, 2018

D2L has moved to Service Cloud. They are pleased to inform us that the end user chat and documentation tools have been upgraded.

Here is a screenshot of the new widget:

D2L Screenshot - CD - New Extended Support widget

Select "Find Answers Here" link and follow the prompts to use D2L's Extended Support help system!

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"StudyMate Campus" replaces "StudyMate Author"

“StudyMate Campus” has replaced "StudyMate Author" - MSU campus - July 2018

“StudyMate Campus” is the cloud-based version of StudyMate that makes it easy for both instructors and students to create flash cards, self-assessments, and learning games.

StudyMate Campus appears as a tool within Brightspace LE and can be accessed via the "Course Resources" menu or via the Content area within a course.

Instructors can now utilize StudyMate without having to download, install and apply a registration key to use the software - it is readily available inside of Brightspace. Students can use it as well.

Access a general tutorial showing how to enable StudyMate inside a Brightspace LE course.

Watch what Respondus StudyMate Campus can do for you!

Rubric functionality changes

Updates to version 10.8.2 change the way rubrics behave in the system - June 2018

Rubrics are used in Brightspace LE to guide scoring in a variety of tools in the system.

Updates to version 10.8.2 (June 2018) change rubric best practices, display, visibility, and feedback - this tutorial explains the new workflow.

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AWS Migration - Thursday, May 10, 2018

Brightspace LE (D2L) AWS migration has concluded - Brightspace LE is available.

Brightspace LE (D2L) will be unavailable from 6 a.m. to approximately 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 10, to facilitate a scheduled migration of the learning environment to AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers.

D2L advises that the process will take most of the day. Users should plan on being UNABLE to access D2L for the majority of the day on Thursday, May 10.

After the migration, users should notice no change within Brightspace LE (D2L).

Why is this happening?

Vendor D2L is transitioning all clients to the Cloud Services offered by Amazon.

D2L’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Nick Oddson, says: “By innovating faster using AWS, we can build better software for our customers, so they can do what they care most about: transforming the learning experience.”

Improved TechSmith Relay integration with Brightspace LE

Fall 2017: MSU has upgraded its TechSmith Relay self-hosted, on-site solution and moved it to the cloud with a hosted solution.

With this move come many improvements and great new features including:

  • Solid integration with Brightspace LE
  • High quality, high resolution videos
  • Fast processing times
  • Unlimited storage
  • Content creation from any device and location (includes mobile)
  • Access to analytics on who is viewing content

Users can also create in-video quizzes for tracking and analyzing student engagement and knowledge of content.

For more information go to the MSU TechSmith Relay page

Daylight for Brightspace LE

D2L's Daylight experience has been enabled for the MSU-Bozeman campus on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

Significant visual changes occur with the implementation but workflows remain consistent.

Daylight features a layout that scales appropriately for smaller screens such as tablets and mobile devices. Utilizing Daylight makes the user experience more engaging, responsive, and adaptive independent of user device.

Daylight minimizes style variations, reduces visual clutter and maintains consistency throughout the interface by instituting typography, icon and color palette changes as well as updating controls like buttons and form inputs. Functionality improvements will be expressed product wide.

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Discussion Group Management

Brightspace Learning Environment simplifies the management of group discussion topics.

Select this link to access the tutorial

New Question Creation Experience

A visual redesign of the quiz area has occurred. When creating questions, users can elect to utilize a new look and feel or turn it off as desired.

Quizzes - Shuffle the order of questions

To discourage cheating in quizzes, instructors can shuffle the order of all questions in quizzes or specific groups of questions (sections) in quizzes.

Select this link to access the tutorial

"Faculty Evaluations" widget change

Enhancements have been made to the Class Climate "Faculty Evaluations" widget due to a recent software upgrade to the Class Climate system.

The widget now features a "My Survey Dashboard" which is available to student and faculty users of Brightspace Learning Environment (BSLE). In addition to the software upgrade, the "Faculty Evaluations" widget has been relocated to the top left center of the BSLE My Home page to facilitate new feature dimensions. The Class Climate integration with Brightspace LE enables students to access "My Survey Dashboard" to submit course evaluations specific to their course(s) via widget links.

Ecat Team Staff move to Transportation & Systems Engineering Building, CFT5

In October of 2016 the Ecat Team Staff moved to the Transportation & Systems Engineering Building, CFT5, which resides south of Bobcat Stadium at 2327 University Way.

The staff will continue to maintain campus hours at the Strand Union Building.

Select this link to access an "On Campus Office Hours" schedule

Changes to LE email - September 2016

Users who elect to "Email Classlist" from the Classlist area will automatically have the username/email address combination placed in the 'BCC' area of the composed email.

The receiver of the email will see the from address but will not see to whom else the email was sent. In case of bounce back emails the sender will know whose email did not go through via delivery alerts specific to the issue.

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Language changes taking place in the LE - August 2016

As part of D2L's Continuous Delivery method of software updates, a language change was applied to the Brightspace Learning Environment on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. The change affects all users of the system.

Language changes for all users:

  • “News” to “Announcements”
  • “Dropbox” to “Assignments”
  • “Pager” to “Instant Messages”

Additional language changes for instructors:

  • “Edit Course” to “Course Admin”
  • “New” to “Upload/Create” – in the Content tool
  • “Add Existing Activities” to “Existing Activities” – for the "add a topic" buttons in the Content tool

D2L explains: “The new system language terms were chosen based on the results of user research, including qualitative observations from our benchmark SUS test, as well as data from many past user experience research activities. For example, during the research, we observed that many users are confused by the term ‘Dropbox' because of the strong brand recognition of Users were much better at understanding the term ‘Assignments’ in the place of ‘Dropbox.' We made similar observations for each of the new language terms.”

TurnItIn Feedback Studio Interface introduced to LE - August 2016

A new TurnItIn Feedback Studio interface was released in the Brightspace Learning Environment on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. The change affects all users of the system.

The new interface has been simplified and is more usable across different platforms including mobile.  Improvements include the ability to combine Originality Check and Grademark layers and ability for instructors to leave audio feedback for students.

For more information - TurnItIn Instructor Tutorials

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