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All credit courses are provisioned in Brightspace LE - instructors do not need to submit a course request for credit courses.

An instructor may choose to request a Master or Practice course offering for creating/saving course content outside a given semester or to test out Brightspace LE features not yet utilized. Instructors have on-going access to any Master or Practice courses requested and built.

To request a master and/or practice course, instructors should use the Request a Brightspace LE Course Offering online form..

Please allow 5-7 business days for request processing.

Course offerings for upcoming terms will typically be provisioned within a few weeks after registration begins for that term. Once the next term courses are loaded, instructors will see credit course offerings in Brightspace LE. Student enrollments are updated nightly from Banner.

Select this link to read more about Terms, Start and End Dates.

When instructors make a course active, the course becomes visible and accessible to students between the start and end dates of the course.

Select this link to access a tutorial on how to Make a Brightspace LE Course active.

The course and enrollment information in Brightspace LE comes from what is in Banner. Instructors must be listed as the "Instructor of Record" in Banner for courses to automatically appear to the lead instructor(s) of any credit course offering.

Instructors should work with the department and the Registrar's office to have "Instructor of Record" information correctly reflected in Banner.

Note that multiple "Instructor of Record" accounts can be associated with any credit course offering via Banner.

Note also that lead instructors can add a co-instructor into a course.

Select this link to access the "Add Participants to a Brightspace LE Course" tutorial which explains how to enroll users into a course.

To request a merge, instructors should send an email to with the Course Rubric, Course Number, Course Sections, and Course Title that need to be merged together. Ecat Team staff will then set up the course sections to be merged into one course offering.

Merged courses contain a CL (for "cross-listed") in the course title as well as the course code. After the overnight update process concludes, the instructor will have access to the merged course offering.

The best time to request a merge is at the front end of a semester, after all course offerings are available to the instructor in Brightspace LE, and before instructors begin setting up the course.

Allow up to 72 hours for the merge process to be completed.

Brightspace LE does not have a process for instructors to individually backup course offerings with user data intact. All courses remain on servers affiliated with D2L and are managed and backed up administratively by D2L. Courses will be maintained on the server as long as MSU-Bozeman continues to contract with D2L.

Instructors can use the export function to make a copy of a course's content, but no student data is exported.

Grades can be exported from the Grades area for retention and filing with a department.

Select this link to access the "How to Export/Import Grades in Brightspace LE" tutorial for information related to exporting grades.

When instructors make a course active, the course becomes visible and accessible to students between the start and end dates of the course within a term.

Select this link to access information on how to "Make a Brightspace LE Course Active."

Yes. Email in Brightspace LE is both internal and external to the system. Mail can be forwarded out and users can receive messages from external mail servers.

Select this link to access information related to Brightspace LE Email.

Student, instructor, and course information in Brightspace LE is imported in an overnight feed from Banner. This requires care in creating information in Banner and patience in being able to access that information as it makes it's way to Brightspace LE.

Select this link for more expanded information related to Brightspace LE and Banner Information.

The Incomplete role in Brightspace LE can be assigned to a student in Brightspace LE at the behest of their instructor. When an 'incomplete' role is assigned to a student role in Brightspace LE the 'incomplete' designation extends access for the student into the course in which the Incomplete grade is associated regardless of term (normal student accounts cannot see past terms in their "My Courses" widget on their "My Home" page in Brightspace LE).

Students can petition to have their grade(s) rendered as an "Incomplete" with the intention of completing the grade at a later date. Incomplete grades (i-grade) are assigned by instructors in their courses. After appropriate paperwork is lodged with the Registrar the instructor can send an email to requesting that an incomplete be assigned to the student.

Instructors need to put this information in the request email:

  • course rubric with section (example: AGED 140US-001)
  • course title (example: Leadership Dev For Agriculture)
  • course CRN: XXXXX (example: 54321)
  • student first/last name and last 4 of the student ID number (example: Joseph Smith; -XXXX1234)

Ecat Team staff will submit the information and the role for the student will change from 'student' to 'incomplete' after Banner updates Brightspace LE during the nightly update job. When the incomplete is resolved the student's role will automatically change back from 'incomplete' to 'student' after Banner updates Brightspace LE during the nightly update job.

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