By default, students will be able to see individual grade items when they go to the Grades area but not a final grade related to either "Final Calculated Grade" or "Adjusted Final Grade" items (calculated in the Brightspace LE grades area). An instructor must release one of these types of final grade items if they wish student's to view the item. Release of the calculated grade item can be done for the whole class (release all) or for individual students.             

Release the Final Calculated grade:

To release the "Final Calculated Grade" go into the course. Select the Grades link from the course navigation bar.

D2L DL CD v1072 screenshot - select Grades link from Course Navigation bar menu


After entering the Grades area, select the "Manage Grades" tab if it is not already selected.

Select the "Action" menu next to the "Final Calculated Grade" item, then select "Enter Grades" from the contextual menu.

D2L DL CD v1072 screenshot - select the action menu next to final calculated grade item - then select "Enter Grades"


When in the Final Grades area, if final grades are ready for release, instructors can use the "Final Grades" contextual menu (1) to select "Release All" (2) which will release the Final Calculated Grade to all students in one shot.

D2L DL CD v1072 screenshot - select "Release All" link from the drop down action menu

Select "Save and Close" (3) or "Save" button when done.

When instructors wish to be more selective in releasing grades, the "Select all rows" function can be useful. Selecting the box at the upper left of the table display of the final grades acts to select or de-select all rows in the table to give instructor control over selectively releasing or un-releasing final grades to students.

D2L DL CD v1072 screenshot - select the "Select all rows" box at the top of the grades table


All rows can be selected or de-selected and then individual rows selected or de-selected to allow final grades to be released to some students while other final grades are left unreleased. Instructors can also simply select check boxes associated with students to whom the instructor wishes to release the final grade. Selecting the "Release/Unrelease" link applies the change to any row(s) displaying a check mark that indicates selection.


IMPORTANT NOTE: When releasing or un-releasing grades via the "Select all rows" method, instructors should be aware that any changes made will only apply to the users DISPLAYED ON THE PAGE. Instructors running courses with large numbers of students may wish to change the number of students viewed on the page via the "Results Per Page" drop menu located to the right below the table display of the final grade.

D2L DL CD v1072 screenshot - dropbox associated with the "Results Per Page" display controller


After releasing the final grades, when in the "Enter Grades" area, icons indicate whether a final grade has been released or remains unreleased.

D2L DL CD v1072 screenshot - when in the "Enter Grades" area, icons let instructors know that the final grade has been released/unreleased


After the final grade is released, students view their final grade via the Grades link accessible via the course navigation bar.

Also, note that instructors can Preview Student Grades to verify that students are seeing what instructors intend the students to see regarding grades. 

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