When a student takes an online quiz but fails to submit the quiz the D2L system shows no submission or grade. The student's quiz becomes an "attempt in progress."

Instructors can search for "attempt in progress" quiz results and then submit the attempt for a user.

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submit an attempt for user view an attempt

To find attempts that are still in progress:

When in the course, select the "Quizzes" link located on the course nav bar.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - enter quiz area from the course nav bar


From the “Manage Quizzes” area, go into the quiz grade area by selecting "Grade" from the Action drop menu associated with the quiz. You can find the Action icon (a little arrowhead, carrot) directly to the right of the quiz title (for instance the “Quiz 1" quiz) – when you click on it a drop menu appears and then you select “Grade” which brings you into the Grade area for that quiz.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - select the Grade link in the drop down action menu

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When in the "Grade Quiz" area, search for users with attempts in progress by using the "Restrict to" search mechanism - select "Users with attempts in progress" from the drop list.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - using the Restrict to drop selection list to find users with attempts in progress


Select the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. The search will return all users with attempts that are still in progress. If there are no students with attempts in progress the search will return '0' results.


D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - select the magnifying glass to launch the search and results will be shown below

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Submit an "attempt in progress" quiz for a user

To submit the quiz for the student the instructor selects the "Enter Quiz as User" icon (right of the (in progress) statement).

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - select "Enter Quiz as User" icon (next to the (in progress) statement

A pop up confirmation dialogue box will appear. Select "Yes" to enter the quiz as the user.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - Go to Submit Quiz button


Instructors will see the quiz questions that the student has answered.

The "Go to Submit Quiz" button is located at the bottom of the quiz answer display. Select it and follow the prompts to submit the quiz for the user.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - Go to Submit Quiz button


Note that instructors can also opt out of submitting the quiz for the user after having entered the area by selecting the "Exit Impersonating" button located at the upper right of the page. If the instructor exits the area no change is made.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot -Exit Impersonating button

It's a good practice to check for "in progress" quiz attempts after a quiz has run it's course.

If a student has entered a quiz, answered questions but neglected to save his/her answers and then forgets to submit the quiz there is a good chance that all his/her work will be lost. In this event, instructors should determine whether or not they wish to re-release the quiz specifically to that user for a re-submission of the quiz.

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To view the attempt that has been made:

Users with an attempt in progress appear under the search results and are identified by the blue "(in progress)" statement appearing to the right of the "attempt x" link. To access an attempt that is in progress, select the "attempt x" link that corresponds to the quiz attempt that is to be viewed.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - select the attempt 1 link


Selecting the "attempt x" link brings the "Grade Attempt" page specific to the user forward.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - select the Quizzes Event Log link

The results of the answers that the student submitted will display (question by question) under the "Quiz Results" area.

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Note that additional information can be obtained by selecting the "Quizzes Event Log" link. This area reveals the user's steps when taking the quiz (example below).

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - Quizzes Event Log detail

In the example above the user entered the quiz at 12:10 PM and did not follow through and submit the quiz. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

The example above shows re-entry by the instructor at 12:03 PM - the quizzes event log keeps track of many values.

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NOTE: What dialogue box windows look like and how dialogue box windows and browsers interact is dependent upon the operating system and browser being used. The screenshots in this tutorial may differ from the screen that the user is viewing when performing the actions described in this tutorial.

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