Student Access to Turnitin Originality Reports and/or GradeMark

Make Tii Originality Reports and/or GradeMark available for student view

Instructors can choose to allow student access to Turnitin similarity reports in Assignments folders. Instructors can also elect to use GradeMark to grade Assignments folder submissions.

In all cases, to access feedback from Turnitin Originality Reports and/or create/access GradeMark annotations, users must access Turnitin's Feedback Studio area.

Instructor steps to make Originality Reports available
Instructor steps to make GradeMark available
Student steps to view GradeMark area


To make Originality Reports available to students:

During setup of an Assignments folder in Brightspace LE, instructors select the Turnitin tab and then the "Enable Turnitin for this folder" box to enable Turnitin for the folder. From the same area, instructors can choose to "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their submission folder" by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

Instructor's can also choose to leave the checkbox de-selected so students do not have access to view originality reports.

BSLE CD screenshot - Originality check display is NOT selected


If instructors choose to "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their submission folder" then students can see results of the Originality Report after the submission has processed.

To access the similarity reports, students must first access the "Assignment Submission Folders" area of the course and then select the submission history numeral from the Submissions column in the table.

BSLE CD Screenshot - selecting the submission history numeral


After the submission has processed the student is then able to select the Turnitin Similarity icon from the "Submission History" area which gives access to Feedback Studio - which in turn allows access to reports on similarity specific to the submitted paper.

BSLE CD screenshot: selecting the Turnitin Similarity icon to access the similarity report

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Steps to take to make GradeMark accessible to students:

Whether Originality Reports have been released to students or not makes a slight difference* when it comes to making it so that students are able to access the GradeMark area via Feedback Studio on the Turnitin site.

To make GradeMark accessible:

There are various permutations. Here is one:

Instructor selects to view submissions associated with an Assignments folder.

After a student has made a submission and after the submission is processed, the originality "Turnitin Similarity" icon is in view in the "Submissions -" area of the Assignments folder.

Instructors select the "Turnitin Similarity" icon to enter the Tii Feedback Studio area:

BSLE CD Screenshot - selecting the Originality icon to go into the Originality/GradeMark/Peer Editing area


In the Tii Feedback Studio area, instructors can use the grading area to mark up the document. Instructors can also leave a grade for the submission.

BSLE CD Screenshot - use grading area of Feedback Studio to mark up document



When back in the "Submissions -" area of the Assignments folder, instructors select "Evaluate" to evaluate the submission inside the Assignments folder.

BSLE CD Screenshot - selecting the "Evaluate" button while in the course submissions area


The evaluation area specific to the submission in the Assignments folder displays.

After the score is in place from work done in Feedback Studio, instructors can select the "Use This Score" link under the Turnitin GradeMark area on the student's evaluation page OR enter a score in the Brightspace LE "Score:" area in the Evaluation box (without using the Feedback Studio score).

BSLE CD Screenshot - evaluation area - select "Use This Score" link


Note that if the GradeMark score is not automatically updated in the Evaluate area or if changes to the grade are made in Feedback Studio, instructors can select the "Refresh score" icon from the lower left to update the score from the GradeMark area.

BSLE CD screenshot: select Refresh Score icon


If transferred - the "GradeMark" derived score will now show in the Evaluation box on the D2L submission evaluation page specific to the folder. In either case (transferred score or manually entered score) select "Publish" to release the score for viewing by the student.

BSLE CD Screenshot - score displays - select "Publish" to release the score to the student


The combination of giving a grade in the GradeMark markup area and then publishing of the Brightspace LE Assignments folder feedback is what makes the GradeMark icon become visible to students when they access the submissions/evaluation area of the Assignments folder. Students can then select the GradeMark icon to access the Turnitin Feedback Studio site to view the GradeMark comments, grade, and so forth that have been entered by the instructor.

*If Originality Reports have been released to students, students then have access to the Tii Originality report as well as the GradeMark area via Feedback Studio after a submission(s) has finished processing. Instructors can control access to the GradeMark area of the Turnitin Feedback Studio site via the "GradeMark Available to Learners" feedback release date that can be set via the Turnitin tab of an Assignments folder.  

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From the student perspective:

To gain access to the Feedback Studio area, student goes into course, accesses the Turnitin enabled Assignments folder, and selects to view the published feedback.

BSLE CD Screenshot - student selects to view the feedback


Dependent on what the instructor has selected when enabling Turnitin for an Assignments folder, students will see different looks:

If the "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores..." is NOT selected during folder set-up:

After a grade has been posted in GradeMark and Brightspace LE feedback has been published, students see only a GradeMark link for selection:

BSLE CD Screenshot - because the "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores..." is not selected, students see only a Turnitin GradeMark link for selection

If the "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores..." IS selected during folder set-up, GradeMark is being used and feedback has been published, two icons will display to the student:

Students can select either "View Turnitin GradeMark" icon (after the instructor has used GradeMark and published BSLE feedback)...

BSLE CD Screenshot - a Turnitin GradeMark link is available to the student

OR Students can select the "View Turnitin Similarity" icon...

BSLE CD Screenshot - a Turnitin Originality link is available to the student

Selection of either of these icons brings the student into Turnitin's Feedback Studio site.

If the "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores..." is not selected and GradeMark is not utilized, students will not see any icons in the submissions/evaluation area of a Turnitin enabled Assignments folder.

When first accessing the Turnitin Feedback Studio area students are presented with a Turnitin User Agreement. Selecting the "I agree" button will give them access to the area.

BSLE CD Screenshot - Turnitin terms agreement with agree and disagree selection buttons

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