Use of Turnitin software is available to all instructors associated with the MSU system (Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, Northern) via an integration with the Brightspace LE system. Instructors use Turnitin inside of the learning environment by enabling Tii for Assignments folders.

Turnitin helps instructors check students' work for originality by comparing it against a text comparison database.


Make GradeMark Accessible to Students Turnitin Integration with Brightspace LE
View Assignment Matches in Tii Some Errors related to Tii
Turnitin Scheduled Mantenance  


Make GradeMark accessible to students

Some instructors choose to allow students to see Turnitin Originality Reports in their Assignments folder and others do not allow the students to view the reports. 

In either case, when the instructor is using GradeMark to grade Assignments submissions, there are necessary steps instructors must take to allow their students to see the GradeMark grading comments, assigned grade and so forth.

Student Access to Turnitin Originality Reports and/or GradeMark

Access Feedback Studio - a tutorial for students

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Take advantage of the Turnitin Integration within Brightspace LE

Learn about TurnItIn Date Management

Access this blog post from the Brightspace community site to find information about TurnItIn Date Management regarding "...usage of required Date fields for dropbox folders..." in Brightspace LE.

Assignments folders that were recently created or copied prior to the Brightspace upgrade on 8/13/15 may not be taking advantage of the upgraded interface with TurnItIn.

**Please note this only affects Assignments folders that had originality check enabled in semesters prior to August 13, 2015**

In order to enable this new feature:

  1. Select ‘Assignments’ on your menu bar
  2. Click the ‘down arrow’ (action carrot; contextual menu) to the right of your Assignments folder title
  3. Select ‘Edit Folder’
  4. Deselect the checkbox next to ‘Enable Originality Check’
  5. Save
  6. You will see a new ‘TurnItIn’ tab appear
  7. Select the 'Turnitin' tab
  8. Select the ‘Enable Turnitin for this folder’ checkbox
  9. Save

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View Assignment Matches in Turnitin

As of August 13, 2015, improvements were made in the way in which Turnitin integrates into Brightspace LE. Instructors may request to view assignment matches that appear via Originality Check.

Note: Prior to August 13, 2015, no identifying information was passed to Turnitin which means that requests to view assignment matches specific to submissions turned in before 8/13/15 may not function as expected.

Note further: In order for this feature to work both courses need to utilize the new integration of Turnitin. By default this new integration is used when an instructor enables Turnitin with a new Assignments folder.

If assignment matches are made to other institutions, as long as the other institutions are using using Brightspace LE's new Tii integration, instructors should be able to send and receive requests specific to matches.

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Some Errors have cropped up in regards to using the TurnItIn Integration

Turnitin group folder Grademark link availability Error for user with no "Preferred Email"
Automatic submission of files not working Error related to due date

Turnitin group Assignments folder: Grademark link availability to all members of a group

Access to view instructor created feedback provided via TurnItIn/Grademark (Feedback Studio) is limited to the student who submitted the assignment in the group folder. The student who submitted the document on behalf of the group has the Grademark link available to view the feedback but other students in the group can only see the grade and do not have a link to Feedback Studio available. D2L classifies this as a known software-issue, wherein the report/feedback/grademarks are only available to the submitting user of group Assignment folders.

This is classified as PRB0051276 and is currently with the D2L development team. There is no timeframe for a fix.

Work around: Place the comments associated with the group document in the D2L feedback area where all members of the group can see the comments.

This issue is being investigated by Brightspace and Turnitin.

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Error when enabling Turnitin while in an Assignments folder

Banner updates Brightspace LE nightly. If an instructor has not designated a "Preferred Email" in Banner that gets pushed into D2L then they do not have an external email associated with their account in D2L. If the instructor does not have a valid email associated with their account in D2L then they will get an error when trying to enable Turnitin in an Assignments folder.

The error message is:

  • "Error: Unable to create a Turnitin assignment. To try again, select the "Enable Turnitin for this folder" check box. Contact your administrator if this issue persists."
    • LTI Error: The field "lis_person_contact_email_primary" is not a valid email address.

To fix this error, instructor should update his/her email in MyInfo (Banner) and mark a personal email as preferred. When the nightly update occurs, the email will be associated in the instructor's account and the instructor can then enable Turnitin for a dropbox folder.

Read the tutorial about D2L and Email

This issue is being investigated by Brightspace and Turnitin.

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Sometimes Turnitin does not automatically submit files when uploaded

Currently some assignments that are submitted to an Assignments folder are not successfully being passed automatically to Turnitin.  In this case instructors can manually submit the files for processing.

This issue is being investigated by Brightspace and Turnitin.

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If the due date has passed for the assignment, when manually submitting files, instructors may receive an error.

Error message from Turnitin: "The due date for this assignment has passed and you have already made a submission."

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - screen capture of the icon and related message from Turnitin

Work around: Instructors should change the due date on the assignment folder to a time later than the current time. Instructors should then manually resubmit the file. After processing completes, instructors can then change the due date back to the original time.

Select the 'Key' icon to adjust the due date.

D2L DL CD v1073 screenshot - screen capture of the icon and related message from Turnitin

Also, another Error message may appear as well: "An originality report could not be generated."

This issue is being investigated by Brightspace and Turnitin.

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Turnitin scheduled maintenance times

All Turnitin services and related websites (Turnitin, OriginalityCheck, GradeMark) may be unavailable for use during scheduled maintenance times. Times for these scheduled maintenance windows are the first and third Saturdays of each month, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Mountain Time.

This maintenance will be performed on internal network hardware to increase capacity and ensure continued dependable service to our customers.

An announcement will appear inside Turnitin in advance of when the system will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance.

Where applicable, please be aware no submissions or grading will be possible through any of the services listed above during announced maintenance times.

  • Instructors are encouraged to set assignment due dates that avoid these scheduled maintenance windows for Turnitin services.
  • Students are encouraged to submit assignments in advance of assigned due dates.

Link to the Turnitin System Status page for more information.

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NOTE: What dialogue box windows look like and how dialogue box windows and browsers interact is dependent upon the operating system and browser being used. The screenshots in this tutorial may differ from the screen that the user is viewing when performing the actions described in this tutorial.

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