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Montana State University - Bozeman is currently using the most recent Brightspace LE Version as the main learning environment (LE).

Select this link to see information regarding the most current version: Brightspace LE Version

All credit courses are provisioned automatically across the Montana State University system so any course a student has registered for via Banner will have a Brightspace LE offering associated with it.

Instructors must choose to make the course "active" for a student to actually see it. Not all instructors will choose to use Brightspace LE.

For students, the easiest way to figure out what courses are available is to log in to Brightspace LE. If a student does not see an expected course appearing in Brightspace LE, contact the instructor of the course.

All courses are auto-provisioned from Banner and exist in Brightspace LE. All enrollments are updated in each of these courses nightly from Banner.  For a student who is registered properly, a course can appear up to 5 days before the start date *if* the instructor has made it active.

Not all instructors choose to use Brightspace LE, and, in some cases, an instructor may not make a course active until a later date.

If a student does not see an expected course appearing as of the start date and the instructor has indicated that Brightspace LE will be used for the course, contact the instructor.

Most individuals authenticate to Brightspace LE using their NetID and NetID password combination. Note that a user's NetID IS NOT the username that Brightspace LE keys on inside the system. Typically, "first.last" is the format of an individual's username in the Brightspace LE system.

Users can locate their Brightspace LE Username via the Classlist.

Select "Classlist" from the "Course Resources" drop menu.

D2L v10.3 screenshot - select "Classlist" from the Course Resources drop menu

The username is displayed in the "Username" column.

D2L v10.3 screenshot - the username is displayed under the "Username" column

Note further:

Regularly enrolled MSU-Bozeman participants use their NetID coupled with their NetID password to log in to Brightspace LE.

To find out your NetID log in to the Secure Area of My Info and on the "Personal Information" tab select the "View IDs" link.

Set your NetID password at the Self-Service Password Reset Portal page.

  • Open a new browser window.
  • Go to the MSU-Bozeman Brightspace LE login page
  • In the login area that appears, enter NetID and NetID Password.
  • Select the "Login" button.
  • Upon successful login, a participant will be taken to the Brightspace LE "My Home" page.
    • The Brightspace LE "My Home" page contains information specific to the participant's personal Brightspace LE account:
      • Gives access to "active" courses that a participant is enrolled in.
      • Gives access to the "My Settings" area to set preferences for various Brightspace LE tools, create a profile for use within Brightspace LE, and set up Notifications - among other features.
  • Participants should explore the Brightspace LE "My Home" page to become familiar with available links and tools.
  • Note: Student role participants cannot add or remove themselves from Brightspace LE courses  - this function happens automatically via Banner services and the registrar's office.

Participants should go to to the Brightspace LE login page and select the "Test Your Browser" link to verify that Brightspace LE will work properly with the web browser of choice. The system check is designed to ensure that the computer system is properly configured for web courses delivered via Brightspace LE. It will return a page that indicates whether a browser and system is appropriate or not.

Note that performing the system check will sometimes indicate that a browser "fails" and is not supported and yet, when using the browser, most things actually do work fine. If it works - use it. If it doesn't work in certain situations, try the action while using another browser.

It is usually best to stay within the framed environment of the Brightspace LE system. For instance, use the menus bars and various linked areas to navigate around in the course. Using the Back and Forward buttons on your browser toolbar may occasionally cause unpredictable results. If weird things occur, like, for instance, the browser freezes up, refresh the web page.

Log out of Brightspace LE. On "My Home" menu bar select "Log Out" from the drop-down menu that appears under your name. Participants will know of a successful log out when the browser returns the user to the Brightspace LE login page.

Go to MSU-Bozeman's Brightspace LE Help Resources to access the current Brightspace LE "Help for Students" student resource section. Also, don't hesitate to search the web for resources from other schools who use Brightspace LE.

Students use NetID to log in to Brightspace LE and NetID is not affected by name change. However, students should contact the Registrar's office to initiate the name change process so that MSU records reflect correct name status.

If you have changed your name and are unable to login to Brightspace LE, contact available help resources.

If an instructor has set the option to disable pager access during a quiz and a quiz attempt has been left "in progress" (e.g. you did not complete the steps to submit it), the individual will not be able to access the pager. To resume pager use, the participant should submit the quiz, or if it is past the quiz availability time, contact the instructor and ask he/she to submit an "in progress" quiz for the user. If it is for a past term, send an email to

Yes. Email in Brightspace LE is both internal and external to the system. Mail can be forwarded out and users can receive messages from external mail servers. For more on Brightspace LE email go here: Brightspace LE Email

If your instructor can´t answer the question, call the UIT Service Desk 994-1777, or email - or contact the Ecat Team for support.

Available Help Resources

Use Extended Support from D2L by dialing local number 406 994 3255 and selecting OPTION 1 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Look for the "Extended Support" widget on the My Home page.

Use the local MSU-Bozeman Brightspace LE Support Team (aka Ecat Team) at 406 994 3255 and select OPTION 2 - Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm or email anytime.

All users can also contact the MSU-Bozeman UIT Service Desk via phone at 1-406-994-1777 or email with general issues as needed.

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