Navigation using the minibar

Overview: Users can use the minibar to help navigate the D2L system.

The minibar as a navigational aid:

Use the "Select a course..." area in the minibar to display links to courses.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - click on "Select a course..." in the mini-bar

Courses that you are involved with display in a list that falls out below.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - courses fall out in a list


Select the course that you wish to access by clicking on the course name and title link.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - selecting the course link to access the course


If it is a course that you will access regularly you can Pin the course link to the top of the list by selecting the "Pin" icon.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - pinning the course to the top of the list by clicking on the pin icon

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Get back to the Course Home page:

When in a course, from any area of the course, selecting the course name in the minibar will take you back to the course home page.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - select the course name in the mini-bar to get back to the course home page

Get back to the My Home page:

Select the "My Home" link to get back to your My Home area regardless of where you are in any course.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - use the My Home link to return to your My Home area

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