Connecting With Students: Brightspace LE - Communication Tools

90 minutes

This 90 minute hands-on workshop explores the use of Brightspace (D2L) tools to enhance communication between instructor and student. Topics include Announcements tool; Calendar tool; Surveys tool; Email tool; Discussions tool; Groups tool.

Assessing Students: Brightspace LE - Assessment Tools

90 minutes

This 90 minute hands-on workshop explores the use of Brightspace LE tools to assess student work and provide feedback to students. Topics include gradebook setup, grades area and grade book functions as well as dropbox, quizzes, and rubric functionality.

Teaching Online Program (TOP)

Hands On

Teaching Online Program (TOP) is offered by the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE).

For more information go to Teaching Online Program (TOP)

A Peek At Brightspace LE by D2L

30 minutes

A high level overview of MSU’s Integrated Learning Platform, Brightspace by D2L. This informational session includes basic information about the Brightspace Learning Environment and it's potential utility for faculty interested in using the tool to aid in their teaching.

Brightspace LE - Course Design Tips

30 minutes

This high level overview features an introduction to specific tools within the Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform that actually assist in course design and management (Course Design Accelerator, Instructional Design Wizard, Learning Activity Library). The presentation includes definitions of online, blended, and web-enhanced courses, the highlighting of common elements contained in a well-designed course, and basic exploration of the specialized D2L tools designed to help faculty achieve success in course design and course management.

Teaching Online for the First Time

30 minutes

Thinking of teaching online? This short presentation will walk you through some important points to consider if you are contemplating teaching online. Topics include differences between web-enhanced and fully online courses, how to utilize Brightspace LE to enhance each course type, and basic tips for planning and organizing an online course.

If interested in these learning opportunities, please contact Ecat Team.

Note: Desire2Learn has been renamed Brightspace. It is still called D2L as well.