two backpackers point the way

MS graduates Jesse DeVoe and Carson Butler surveying mountain goat and bighorn sheep in Yellowstone National Park.
Photo by Marcus Hockett


Below are the students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program through our department. Click on a name
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Name Degree Advisor(s) / Affiliate
Heidi Anderson MS Lindsey Albertson
Kinzie Bailey MS Jia Hu
Nathaniel Bowersock MS Andrea Litt
Michelle Briggs MS Lindsey Albertson
Jamie Brusa PhD Jay Rotella
Raymond Buchheit MS Jay Rotella
Leonardo Calle PhD Ben Poulter
Katie Carroll PhD Andrew Hansen
Brent Cascaddan MS Robert Garrott
Christopher Clark MS Thomas McMahon / Robert Al-Chokhachy
Timothy Clute MS David Roberts
Kristen Cook MS Christine Verhille
Tanner Cox MS Christopher Guy
Kyle Crapster MS Al Zale / Robert Al-Chokhachy
Kyle Cutting PhD Jay Rotella
Colleen Detjens MS Al Zale
Matea Djokic MS Christine Verhille
Simone Durney MS Laura Burkle
Adeline Dutton MS Christopher Guy
Kristen Emmett PhD Ben Poulter
Michael Forzley MS Jay Rotella
Elizabeth Flesch PhD Robert Garrott / Jennifer Thomson
Hayley Glassic PhD Christopher Guy
Kurt Heim PhD Thomas McMahon
Kate Henderson PhD Wyatt Cross
Shannon Hilty MS Andrea Litt
James Junker PhD Wyatt Cross
Paul Kanive PhD Jay Rotella
Daniel Kaus MS Christopher Guy
Maureen Kessler PhD Raina Plowright
Michael Lance MS Al Zale
David Laufenberg MS Andrew Hansen
Mary Levandowski MS Andrea Litt
Blake Lowrey PhD Robert Garrott
Ethan Lula MS Robert Garrott
Michael MacDonald MS Lindsey Albertson
Kaitlin Macdonald MS Jay Rotella
Paige Maskill MS Christopher Guy / Molly Webb
Jason Marsh MS Al Zale
Justin Martin MS Jia Hu
Jenny McCarty MS Wyatt Cross
Lauren McGarvey MS Christopher Guy
Jaclyn McGuire MS Thomas McMahon
Gilbert Ogunkoya PhD Ben Poulter
Shane Petch MS Jay Rotella
Alex Poole MS Al Zale
Andriana Puchany MS Al Zale
Claire Qubain MS David Roberts
Holden Reinert MS Lindsey Albertson
Eric Scholl PhD Wyatt Cross
Michael Simanonok PhD Laura Burkle
Anthony Slominski PhD Laura Burkle
Allison Stringer MS Al Zale / Robert Bramblett
John Thornburg MS Robert Garrott / David Willey
Ben Triano MS Thomas McMahon
Ben Tumolo PhD Lindsey Albertson
Milan Vinks MS Scott Creel
Nicholas Voss MS Al Zale
James Waxe MS Andrea Litt
Jacob Williams MS Christopher Guy
Michael Yarnall MS Andrea Litt