Name Profession Degree Contact
Lindsey Albertson Assistant Professor Ph.D. (ecology) University of California Santa Barbara, 2013. Freshwater organism ecology and physical stream geomorphology; feedbacks between animals and sediment erosion; impacts of changing flow regimes and species invasions on ecogeomorphic linkages.


Laura Burkle Associate Professor Ph.D. (biology, ecology and evolutionary biology), Dartmouth College, 2008. Community ecology; plant-animal interactions; pollination ecology; effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances; conservation.  406-994-7223
Scott Creel Professor Ph.D. (behavior, ecology and evolution) Purdue University, 1991. Behavioral endocrinology; conservation biology; population biology; social evolution; biology of carnivores. 406-994-7033
Wyatt Cross Associate Professor  Ph.D. (ecology) University of Georgia, 2004. Aquatic ecosystem ecology, food-web ecology, global change. 406-994-2473
Diane Debinski Department Head and Professor Ph.D. (biology) Montana State University, 1991. Conservation biology, landscape ecology, and restoration ecology


Robert Garrott Professor Ph.D. (wildlife conservation) University of Minnesota, 1990. Ecology; population dynamics; management; and conservation of mammalian species.  406-994-2270
Christopher Guy Assistant Leader of the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit and Affiliate Professor Ph.D. (fisheries science) South Dakota State University, 1993. Applied fisheries science; population ecology; predator-prey interactions; fisheries management.  406-994-3491
Andrew J. Hansen  Professor Ph.D. (ecology) University of Tennessee, 1984. Landscape ecology and management; land use effects on biodiversity; sustaining greater park ecosystems; conservation biology. 406-994-6046
Jia Hu Assistant Professor  Ph.D. (ecology and evolutionary biology) University of Colorado, 2009. Plant physiological ecology, quantifying climate change impacts, isotope biogeochemistry, ecohydrology. 406-994-2937
Steven Kalinowski  Professor Ph.D. (biology) Arizona State University, 1999. Conservation genetics; evolutionary biology; wildlife and fisheries management. 406-994-3232
Andrea Litt Associate Professor Ph.D. (wildlife and fisheries science, statistics minor) University of Arizona, 2007. Effects of human activities on wildlife including invasive species, disturbance, and land use; restoration ecology; quantitative ecology.  406-994-2332
Thomas McMahon Professor Ph.D. (fisheries management - aquatic ecology) Arizona, 1984. Wild trout management; fish-habitat relationships; winter ecology; conservation biology of salmonids.   406-994-2492
Ben Poulter Assistant Professor Ph.D. (environmental science) Duke University, 2005. Terrestrial ecosystem modeling, vegetation dynamics, carbon cycle, disturbance, land cover and climate change impacts. 406-994-3231
David W. Roberts Professor Ph.D. (plant ecology) U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984. Vegetation ecology, ecological modeling, multivariate analysis of ecological data. 406-994-5670
Jay J. Rotella Professor Ph.D. (wildlife ecology) University of Idaho, 1990. Ecology; population dynamics; habitat relationships; and management of vertebrate species.  406-994-5676
Christine Verhille Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (zoology) University of British Columbia Vancouver, 2013. Fisheries Ecophysiology; physiological mechanisms limiting performance and resilience of fish populations in nature; cardiorespiratory responses to environmental conditions.


David W. Willey Associate Teaching Professor Ph.D. (avian ecology) Northern Arizona University, 1998.  Ecology; population dynamics; habitat relationships; and management of avian species. 406-994-5319
Alexander V. Zale Leader of the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit and Affiliate Professor Ph.D. (fisheries science), University of Florida, 1984. Aquatic wild life management and ecology. 406-994-2380