Montana State University

Department of Ecology

Montana State University
P.O. Box 173460
Bozeman, MT 59717-3460

Tel: (406) 994-4548
Fax: (406) 994-3190
Location: 310 Lewis Hall

Department Chair

Dr. David Roberts


Laura Burkle Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (biology, ecology and evolutionary biology), Dartmouth College, 2008. Community ecology; plant-animal interactions; pollination ecology; effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances; conservation. (406-994-7223;


Scott Creel Professor, Ph.D. (behavior, ecology and evolution), Purdue University, 1991. Behavioral endocrinology; conservation biology; population biology; social evolution; biology of carnivores. (406-994-7033;

Wyatt Cross Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (ecology) University of Georgia, 2004. Aquatic ecosystem ecology, food-web ecology, global change. (406-994-2473;

Robert Garrott Professor, Ph.D. (wildlife conservation) University of Minnesota, 1990. Ecology; population dynamics; management; and conservation of mammalian species. (406-994-2270;

Christopher Guy Affiliate Associate Professor, Ph.D. (fisheries science) South Dakota State University, 1993. Applied fisheries science; population ecology; predator-prey interactions; fisheries management. (406-994-3491;

Andrew J. Hansen Professor, Ph.D. (ecology) University of Tennessee, 1984. Landscape ecology and management; land use effects on biodiversity; sustaining greater park ecosystems; conservation biology. (406-994-6046;

Jia Hu Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (ecology and evolutionary biology) University of Colorado, 2009. Plant physiological ecology, quantifying climate change impacts, isotope biogeochemistry, ecohydrology. (406-994-2937;

Steven Kalinowski Professor, Ph.D. (biology) Arizona State University, 1999. Conservation genetics; evolutionary biology; wildlife and fisheries management. (406-994-3232;

Billie L. Kerans Professor, Ph.D. (zoology) Ohio State University, 1989. Behavior; ecology and evolution of freshwater macro-invertebrates; assessing the impact of human disturbances on freshwater ecosystems. (406-994-3725;

Andrea Litt Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (wildlife and fisheries science, statistics minor) University of Arizona, 2007. Effects of human activities on wildlife including invasive species, disturbance, and land use; restoration ecology; quantitative ecology. (406-994-2332;

Thomas McMahon Professor, Ph.D. (fisheries management - aquatic ecology) Arizona, 1984. Wild trout management; fish-habitat relationships; winter ecology; conservation biology of salmonids. (406-994-2492;

Ben Poulter Assistant Professor, PhD (environmental science) Duke University, 2005. Terrestrial ecosystem modeling, vegetation dynamics, carbon cycle, disturbance, land cover and climate change impacts. (406-994-3231 ;

David W. Roberts Department Head and Professor, Ph.D. (plant ecology) U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984. Vegetation ecology, ecological modeling, multivariate analysis of ecological data. (406-994-4548;

Jay J. Rotella Professor, Ph.D. (wildlife ecology) University of Idaho, 1990. Ecology; population dynamics; habitat relationships; and management of vertebrate species. (406-994-5676;

David W. Willey Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (avian ecology) Northern Arizona University, 1998.  Ecology; population dynamics; habitat relationships; and management of avian species. (406-994-5319;

Alexander V. Zale Leader of the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit and Affiliate Professor, Ph.D. (fisheries science), University of Florida, 1984. Aquatic wild life management and ecology. (406-994-2380;