You need to schedule an appointment and meet with your academic advisor to determine the best academic plan for you. Every student's schedules, needs, and interests are different, so discussing and developing an academic plan with an academic advisor in the DAEE will ensure that you take the most suited courses.

You will need to obtain your Alternate PIN. You will not be able to begin your registration process without this PIN.   You need to meet with your academic advisor in the DAEE to obtain this PIN.

After receiving your PIN, you will be able to register for classes beginning on your assigned registration date. You can check your registration date on the Office of the Registrar's Registration page (

Your registration process is completed through the online CatCourse platform. The Registrar's Office provides detailed instructions about how to use the CatCourse platform at the following address:

You can browse and search for courses by logging on to MyInfo and click "Schedule of Classes" link. You can visit the listing directly by following: