Any person who is considered a non-resident for tuition purposes may be reclassified as a resident when the following conditions have been met:

  1. A person must be physically present in Montana for 12 continuous months. A total of 30-days absence from the state is allowed during the 12-month period.
  2. The 12-month period does not begin until at least one act that clearly indicates the intent to become a Montana resident is taken. Physical presence in Montana alone will not serve to start this period. The legal starting action must occur in the preceding year, on or before the 15th class day of the term for which reclassification is requested. You are expected to act in a manner consistent with Montana residence, and do all those things required by law of a Montana resident. Sufficient acts to begin the period are:
    • A Montana vehicle registration is obtained (Note: if you are employed, Montana law requires that you register any vehicle you own or operate, even if your name is not on the title, i.e. parent’s vehicle).
    • A Montana driver's license is acquired.
    • A Montana voter registration is acquired.
    • A principal residence (house or mobile home) is purchased and a MT title obtained.
    • A resident Montana income tax return is filed.
    • Only if items a-e do not apply, an Affidavit of Intent can be filed.

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