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Master’s students take a rigorous set of courses in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, and econometrics.  Students may also take courses in supporting areas such as mathematics and statistics.  The small size of the program necessitates a limited course offering.  In general, students take courses for two semesters.  Required courses include:

Fall Semester - year 1:

            AGEC 467, Quantitative Methods in Economics
            3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITE: ECNS 301, MATH 221
            Static and dynamic optimization models in economics.  Linear programming an
            its extensions analyzed as economic models.  Nonlinear and dynamic
            programming models are introduced.  Emphasis on formulating
            economic and management problems in terms of quantitative models.

            ECNS 401, Microeconomic Theory
            3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITE: ECNS 301
            Advanced economic theory of price determination with analysis of consumer
            demand and production economics.

            ECNS 561, Econometrics I
            3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITE: ECNS 301, STAT 216, MATH 221
            The use of regression analysis in the estimation of economic relationships, with
            emphasis on development of the least squares technique, the properties
            of estimators, and hypothesis testing in the context of the regression model.       

            ECNS 594 -01 & 02, Seminars
            1 credit seminars, both seminars are taken in the first semester of
            graduate program.

Spring Semester - year 1:

            ECNS 501, Microeconomic Theory
            3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITE: ECNS 401
            Economic models of optimization as they apply to consumer and firm decision
            making.  Topics covered include comparative statics, theory of the firm and
            consumer, and consumer and producer surplus.

            ECNS 502, Macroeconomic Theory
            3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITE: ECNS 302
            Systematic review of accepted macroeconomic theory and critical study of the
            functional relationships contained therein.

            ECNS 562, Econometrics II
            3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITE: ECNS 561
            Course consists of theoretical and applied econometrics of static and dynamic
            structural models, primarily using time-series data. Single equations and system
            of equations are evaluated.  Estimation properties specific to statistical problems,
            dynamic adjustments to economic behavior, and model forecasting are

Fall Semester - year 2:

            ECNS 569, Research Methodology
            1 cr. LEC 1 PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing, ECNS 301, ECNS 302
            The research process as a means of acquiring knowledge which is reliable and
            relevant to problems.

Spring Semester - year 2:

           AGEC 590, Master's Thesis
            ECNS 590, Master's Thesis

Supplementary coursework and research may focus on agricultural economics, natural resource economics, or general applied economics. Through continued discussions with the advisor and other faculty, students will select additional courses and either a thesis topic (Plan A) or research paper topic (Plan B) to complete a program of study consistent with their interests.