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Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

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“Hedging and Speculative Trading in Agricultural Futures Markets,” with Raymond P. H. Fishe and Aaron D. Smith. 2014. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.  Link:

“Subsidy Incidence and Inertia in Farmland Rental Markets: Estimates from a Dynamic Panel,” with Nathan P. Hendricks and Kevin C. Dhuyvetter. 2012. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 37(3): 361- 378. Link:

“The 2008 Cotton Price Spike and Extraordinary Hedging Costs,” with Colin A. Carter. 2009. Agricultural and Resource Economics Update, 13(2): 9-11. Link:

Working Papers

“Deconstructing Wheat Price Spikes: A Model of Supply and Demand, Financial Speculation, and Commodity Price Comovement,” with Aaron D. Smith, Colin A. Carter, and Michael K. Adjemian. (under review)

“Futures Prices in Supply Analysis Reconsidered,” with Nathan P. Hendricks and Aaron D. Smith. (under review)

“Commodity Price Comovement and Financial Speculation: The Case of Cotton,” with Aaron D. Smith and Colin A. Carter.

“The Quality of Price Discovery and the Transition to Electronic Trading: The Case of Cotton Futures,” with Aaron D. Smith and Colin A. Carter.

Works in Progress

“Wheat Basis and the Price of Physical Grain Storage,” with Aaron D. Smith.

"The Effect of U.S. International Food Assistance on U.S. Prices for Lentils and Peas”, with Sarah A. Janzen

“Reconciling Theoretical Hedging Models with the Experience of Cotton Merchants in March 2008.”

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