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Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

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  • “Futures Prices in Supply Analysis: Are Instrumental Variables Necessary?” with Nathan P. Hendricks and Aaron D. Smith. 2014. Forthcoming at American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

  • “Deconstructing Wheat Price Spikes: A Model of Supply and Demand, Financial Speculation, and Commodity Price Comovement,” with Aaron D. Smith, Colin A. Carter, and Michael K. Adjemian. 2014. USDA ERS Economic Research Report ERR-165,

  • “Hedging and Speculative Trading in Agricultural Futures Markets,” with Raymond P. H. Fishe and Aaron D. Smith. 2014. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 96(2): 542-556,
    “Subsidy Incidence and Inertia in Farmland Rental Markets: Estimates from a Dynamic Panel,” with Nathan P. Hendricks and Kevin C. Dhuyvetter. 2012. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 37(3): 361- 378,

  • “The 2008 Cotton Price Spike and Extraordinary Hedging Costs,” with Colin A. Carter. 2009. Agricultural and Resource Economics Update, 13(2): 9-11,

Working Papers

  • “Commodity Price Comovement and Financial Speculation: The Case of Cotton,” with Aaron D. Smith and Colin A. Carter.
    “The Quality of Price Discovery and the Transition to Electronic Trading: The Case of Cotton Futures,” with Aaron D. Smith and Colin A. Carter.

Works in Progress

  • “Wheat Basis and the Price of Physical Grain Storage,” with Aaron D. Smith.

  • "The Effect of U.S. International Food Assistance on U.S. Prices for Lentils and Peas”

  • “Reconciling Theoretical Hedging Models with the Experience of Cotton Merchants in March 2008.”

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