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Location: 306 Linfield Hall

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Dr. Wendy Stock

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Joe Atwood, Ph.D.

Joe Atwood, Ph.D.

Production economics,
agricultural finance

309E Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5614
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Gary Brester, Ph.D.

Gary Brester, Ph.D.

Agricultural marketing

210B Linfield Hall
(406) 994-7883
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Marsha Goetting

Marsha Goetting, Ph.D.

Personal and family finance, estate planning, financial planning

208C Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5695
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George Haynes George Haynes, Ph.D.

Small business finance, agricultural policy
210E Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5012
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Randy Rucker

Randy Rucker, Ph.D.

Resource economics, agricultural policy, applied microeconomics

311A Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5644
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Vince Smith

Vince Smith, Ph.D.

Macroeconomics, agricultural policy analysis, international trade, applied microeconomics

313 Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5615
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Wendy Stock, Ph.D.
Wendy Stock, Ph.D.
Professor & Dept. Head

Labor economics, econometrics
307A Linfield Hall
(406) 994-7984
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Myles Watts

Myles J. Watts, Ph.D.


Production economics, farm management, agricultural finance

104 Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3704
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Chris Stoddard, Ph.D.

Christiana Stoddard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Labor economics, public finance, economics of education organization

307D Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5634
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D. Mark Anderson, Ph.D.

D. Mark Anderson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Applied microeconomics,
health economics, risky behavior and crime

307E Linfield Hall
(406) 994-7773
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Anton Bekkerman, Ph.D.

Anton Bekkerman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Agricultural marketing,

205 Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3032
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Prof. Eric Belasco

Eric Belasco, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Agricultural marketing, applied microeconometrics, health economics

309D Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3706
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Dr. Tim Fitizgerald

Tim Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Natural resource & environmental economics, energy economics

208B Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5619
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Kate Fuller

Kate Fuller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/
Extension Economist

309B Linfield 
Phone: (406) 994-5603
Fax: (406) 994-4838
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Dr. Greg Gilpin Gregory Gilpin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Econometrics, economics of education, macroeconomics

313B Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5628
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Joe Janzen

Joe Janzen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Commodity futures markets,
agricultural marketing,
applied econometrics,
Industrial organization

309A Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5616
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Sarah Janzen, Ph.D.

Sarah Janzen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Development economics

303 Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3714
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Dr. Jason Pearcy
Jason Pearcy
, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Industrial organization,
applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, environmental
and energy economics
304 Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5623
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Issac Swensen

Isaac Swensen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Health economics, economics of education, applied microeconomics

313C Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3729
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Carly Urban, Ph.D.

Carly Urban, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Public economics,
political economy

208A Linfield Hall
(406) 994-2005
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Monique Dutkowsky

Monique Dutkowsky, M.S.

309C  Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5621
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Holly Fretwell

Holly Lippke Fretwell, M.S.
PERC Research Associate

307C  Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3036
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Terry Schaplow, LLD


Agricultural law
(406) 587-2767
Joel Schumacher Joel B. Schumacher, M.S.
Extension Economics
Associate Specialist

Alternative energy economics, financial planning
210D Linfield Hall
(406) 994-6637
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Jane Boyd

Jane Boyd
Administrative Assistant II

Student Services

310C Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3702
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Keri Hayes, Extension Publications Assist.

Keri Hayes
Administrative Assistant II

Extension Publications Assistant
210F Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3511
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Paul Hoglund

Paul Hoglund

Information Technology Specialist
302D Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5219
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Donna S.C. Kelly, Admin. Assist.

Donna S.C. Kelly
Administrative Assistant II

Word processing, manuscript & technical typist, Web design/upkeep

310A Linfield Hall
(406) 994-5723
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Tamara Moe

Tamara Moe
Administrative Assistant IV

Department Head Assistant

307A Linfield Hall
(406) 994-3703
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