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Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

Montana State University
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Bozeman, MT 59717-2920

Tel: (406) 994-3701
Fax: (406) 994-4838
Location: 306 Linfield Hall

Department Head:

Dr. Wendy Stock

Past M.L. Wilson Speakers

    • Michael Gerber, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Agricultural Mortgage Company (Farmer Mac)."Managing Risk in Volatile Times."
    • Dr. Wallace Tyner, (Purdue University) 2010. James and Lois Ackerman Professor of Agricultural Economics. "Alternative Policies and Pathways to our Energy Future."
    • Dr. Jon Christianson (University of Minnesota) 2009. "Implications of Healthcare Reform for Rural America"
    • Terry L. Anderson (Property and Environment Research Center [PERC]) 2007. "Maximizing the Wealth of Nature--From the Treasure State to Big Sky Country"
    • Scott Rozelle (UC-Davis) 2006. "Demystifying the Mysteries of China: Towards an Understanding of the Wrenching Changes that are Transforming China and How they will affect Montana"
    • James Mintert (Kansas State University) 2005. "What's the Beef? Issues Shaping the Future of the U.S. Beef Industry"
    • Bruce Gardner (University of Maryland) 2004. "Pathways to Economic Growth and Rural Communities.
    • David Orden (Virginia Tech) 2003. "Exchange Rates in Agriculture: Do They Matter?"
    • Joseph Glauber (Deputy Chief Economist of the USDA) 2002. "The 2002 Farm Bill: What are the Domestic and International Implications?"
    • Roger Sedjo (Resources for the Future) 2000. "Demands on Public Lands: What is the Future of the National Forests?"
    • J.B. Penn (Sparks Commodities Inc.) 1999. "U.S. Agriculture and the Food Industry in Transition"
    • Richard Epstein (University of Chicago) 1997. "Endangered Species vs. Endangered Property: The Economics of Habitat Preservation"
    • Andrew Schmitz (University of California, Berkeley) 1996. "Grain Marketing and Trade: Where Are They Headed?"
    • Jeffrey LaFrance (University of Arizona) 1994.
    • Maureen Cropper (University of Maryland) 1993. "How Should Environmental Risks Be Regulated?"
    • Daniel Sumner (University of California-Davis, former Assistant Secretary for Economics-USDA) 1993. "U.S. Trade Policy and the Future of the American Farm"
    • Chuck Mason (University of Wyoming) 1991. "Entry Deterrence in the Commons"
    • Peter J. Hill (Wheaton College) 1991. "From Communism to Capitalism: The Eastern European Experience"
    • Raymond C. Battalio (Texas A&M) 1990.
    • Stephen Cornell (Harvard University) 1989. "Resurgence of Indian Political Power" and Ronald Trosper (Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes) "Who is Subsidizing Whom?"  Comments by Senator Bill Yellowtail (Crow Tribe, MT) and Terry Anderson (Montana State University).
    • D. Gale Johnson (University of Chicago) 1988. "Agriculture's Role in the World Economy"
    • Emery N. Castle (Resources for the Future) 1984. "Sources of Change in Resource Policy"
    • Harold F. Breimyer (University of Missouri) 1978. "Sun, Soil, and Seedstock: The Ecology and Economics of Modern Agriculture"
    • Gilbert C. Fite ( Eastern Illinois University) 1976. "Great Plains Farming: A Century of Change and Development-Agricultural Historical Perspective"
    • T.W. Schultz (University of Chicago) 1975