Registration: Register online as normal but note that the D2L shell will open the last week of November 2019.

Background Check: You must complete a background check prior to taking the orientation quiz and prior to your observation in the schools. Follow the directions provided at and submit a note to the drop-box in D2L titled “Background Check.” You will find directions in the course announcement page for the information to include in this notice.

Letter of Introduction: Write a professional letter of introduction that you will send as your request to the administrator and cooperating teacher of the school where you wish to observe. The information in D2L will provide guidance on format and wording for your letter. Make certain that the letter is properly formatted and edited, with professional sentence structure and word choice. Submit a copy to the drop-box in D2L titled “Letter of Introduction.”

Online Orientation: View the online orientation found in the D2L course shell between November 24 - January 3. Take notes of key points to remember about this course. Take the orientation quiz found in the “Quizzes” section of the course shell. Pass the orientation quiz with a 100% score. You may retake the quiz as many times as necessary. You must complete the background check, letter of introduction, view the online orientation, and take the orientation quiz before beginning the field experience.

Field Experience: Conduct 18 hours of classroom observations in local or hometown schools before January 24, 2020. Use the Observation and Interview Protocol Guidelines found in D2L as a foundation for the notes you’ll take during your observations.

Observation Verification should be sent by the school administrator to the course instructor via USPS or email.

Seminars: Attend both group seminars on February 4 and February 11, 2020

Seminar Date Time Location
February 4, 2020 6-8 pm TBD
February 11, 2020 6-8 pm TBD


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