Department of Education Professional Expectations for Prospective Teachers

The Department of Education expects students to meet the Department of Education’s Professional Expectations for Prospective Teachers.  Students who fail to meet these expectations will receive a warning.  Faculty members, field supervisors, or other clinical faculty may use the Department’s Student Consultation Form to address such issues.  Continued failure to meet the expectations may result in the student being placed on a Professional Improvement Plan as follows:

  • The faculty member/supervisor identifies the concern, and associated remediation plan, on the Professional Improvement Plan Form.
  • If agreement about the problem in need of remediation, or the manner in which the problem will be addressed, cannot be reached, the student may meet with:
    • The Director of Field Placement & Licensure (in the case of concerns arising from field experience or student teaching experience), or
    • The Education Department Head (in all other cases)
  • The Department Head or Director of Field Placement & Licensure will issue a written confirmation of their decision for remediation.  
  • In the course of any Professional Improvement Plan, sanctions may be imposed by the Department Head (e.g. oral or written reprimand, special, additional or repeat assignments, lower or failing grade, or removal from the program).  Decisions concerning any improvement plan, including sanctions, are subject to the Student Academic Grievance Procedure (sect. 500 of the conduct guidelines and grievance procedures for students)
  • Documentation of the Professional Improvement Plan is retained by the Department Head until the student’s graduation.

University Academic Misconduct Procedures

If necessary, faculty may review the Academic Misconduct Guidelines as outlined by Montana State University, and submit an Academic Misconduct Reporting Form to the Dean of Students Office.

The complete list of MSU conduct guidelines and grievance procedures can be found here