The Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) is a consortium of state education agencies and national educational organizations dedicated to the reform of the preparation, licensing, and on-going professional development of teachers. The work of INTASC is guided by one basic premise: An effective teacher must be able to integrate content knowledge with the specific strengths and needs of students to assure that all students learn and perform at high levels.

Download a PDF of the INTASC Standards

  1. Content Pedagogy
  2. Student Development
  3. Diverse Learners
  4. Multiple Instructional Strategies
  5. Motivation & Management
  6. Communication & Technology
  7. Planning
  8. Assessment
  9. Reflective Practice1. Content Pedagogy
  10. School & Community Involvement

In addition, the State of Montana ARM 10.58.501(1)(a)-(m) requires that successful teacher candidates:

(a) demonstrate understanding of and ability to integrate knowledge of the history, cultural heritage, and contemporary status of American Indians and tribes in Montana;

(e) demonstrate understanding of personal cultural and socioeconomic biases and teaching style differences that affect one's teaching;

(m) demonstrate the ability to foster contextual and experiential learning and to build connections between academic learning and the skills required in the present and future workforce.