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Present word from the Education Practicum group in Thailand...!

Montana State University Department of Education students are gaining education practicum field experience while learning about the Thai culture.  Undergraduate students Chelsea Hawkins, Amanda Verch, Ike Wallace, Keely West, and graduate student Chelsey Wilson traveled over 8,000 miles across the world to live and teach in NakhonSawan, Thailand.  The students are accompanied by Dr. Michael Brody and Dr. Art Bangert, professors of Education and experienced foreign travelers, alongside Kathryn Will, the Assistant Director of Field Placement and Licensure.  The students are teaching at NakhonSawanRajabhat University (NSRU) Demonstration School approximately 160 miles north of Bangkok, Thailand.  Students are living with host families who do not speak English, making this a true, tasty and enriching Thai experience.  Each undergraduate student has been assigned a Thai teacher to co-teach with during their four weeks at NSRU Demonstration School.  MSU students are teaching in classes from kindergarten through high school.  The students and teachers are working with new curriculum to enhance Thai students’ English language knowledge acquisition, pronunciation skills and respect for English language use in the newly emerging Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) .Graduate student Chelsey Wilson is researching trends in higher education at NakhonSawanRajabhat University while assessing the undergraduate students’Educators Without Borders experience in an international field practicum sponsored by the Department of Education, College of Education, Health and Human Deve lopment at MSU.  The students have been living in NakhonSawan for one week and are happy to be eating tasty Thai food, living in authentic Thai households, working with experienced Thai teachers, helping Thai children learn Englishand experiencing the unique and special opportunities of Thailand “The Land of Smiles.”

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The Program:

The MSU Department of Education offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to teach middle and secondary students in Koprah School, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. This opportunity is for all MUS students with an interest in education and international professional development. This is a great opportunity to co-teach with professional Thai educators and develop skills for future employment.


  • Provide practical international opportunities
  • Gain experience in multicultural contexts
  • Experience in-depth immersion in Thai culture
  • Participate in Southeast Asia political and economic development

Thailand is commonly referred to as the Land of Smiles. It is true. Thai people are friendly, accommodating and the food is GREAT! Throughout Thailand there are village/local markets with native foods, clothes and other interesting indigenous products. Shopping in Bangkok is equivalent to the greatest cities in the world. Nakhon Sawan is a medium sized city in the central part of Thailand with easy access to the northern mountain region, ancient archeological sites and UNESCO World Heritage Parks. It is often described as a classic Thai community with traditional cultural values. Few tourists visit Nakhon Sawan providing an authentic cultural experience.



  • Education majors who want international teaching experience
  • Students in any major interested in international education
  • People who want to broaden their professional background
  • Students interested in collaborative international research


  • Graduate or undergraduate student in good standing (2.5 GPA)
  • Ability to complete independent assignments
  • Cooperation and positive participation in team projects
  • Personal Maturity and Good Physical Health


All expenses, including housing, food, cultural tours, travel = $3,900


Register with the MSU-Bozeman Department of Education, Office of Field Placement Reid.