Study Abroad

Mexico... 2015!

Follow Dr. Herbeck as she does research and development for her class traveling to Mexico!

 This December 2013 (yes, currently!) Dr. Kim Boehler and Dr. Joyce Herbeck are traveling to places and events in Mexico that are the focus of the children's and young adult literature and art course that will be taught in the summer of 2015.  They are finding lodging and transportation that will be appropriate for the student group to travel from Mexico City to Oaxaca to Masunta, along with day trips from these destinations in between!

"Our list of required readings is growing daily as we discover the local legends and traditional tales to add to the books we had chosen before the trip," Dr. Herbeck said, "and we also have arranged for our students to read their books to students at the Escuela Americana in Pachuca!" 

The photos below were taken by Dr. Herbeck on her current trip. Check back for more in the next days ahead...


Pictured above: Dr. Herbeck's and Dr. Boehler's hostel in Mazunta. The book The Jade Notebook, by Laura Resau, takes place in Mazunte. Also pictured is the trail that the characters in the book walk out to a rocky point.This is the gateway to the trail that our characters take. The book is a mystery about the poaching of sea turtles.  They will visit the Turtle Center mentioned in the book and take a guided tour to the beach where the turtles hatch their eggs!

Pictured above: Teotitl√°n, a weavers' village about 25 kilometers outside of Oaxaca.  The people here have been weaving since the time of the Aztecs!  The cut paper art above the street is also the topic of one of the books featured in Dr. Herbeck's class.

Pictured above: These pictures are all about Frieda Kahlo.  Dr. Herbeck's class has a number of books about her in different genres and reading levels.  Drs. Boehler and Herbeck visited Casa Azul where she lived and painted (see the blue walls of her garden).  They also saw more of her paintings in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City - See "The Two Friedas" above. The Mexican flag at sunset is from the huge zocalo in the middle of Mexico City.

Pictured above: These photos are about Diego Rivera and his paintings.  This mural is painted on the walls of the National Palace in Mexico City. The second photo is the courtyard of that building. Can you find Kim in the picture?  The small statue of Frieda and Diego was made by Josephina Aguilara, an artist that they visited that one of their books tells about.

Pictured above: The Night of the Radishes is in the book Becoming Naomi Leone, by Pam Munoz Ryan

Pictured above: Monte Alban, Mexico, Oaxaca on Christmas Eve, and a happy celebrator in front of the radishes!