Board of Public Education/OPI Internship

Course Sequence and Delivery

Board of Public Education (BPE)/Office of Public Instruction (OPI) Internship only pertains to those students who are currently working in an education administrative position requiring licensure, and are more than 6 credit hours away from having met the academic requirements for licensure and endorsement at the appropriate level.

In order to qualify for the BPE/OPI Internship, candidates must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in the following courses during their first semester of the internship.

EDLD 507 Foundations of Leadership 3 credits
EDLD 508 Supervision of Instruction 3 credits
EDLD 532 Montana School Law 3 credits


The University Intern Supervisor will provide the most appropriate course sequence based upon previous principal licensure and endorsement, where principal preparation took place (in or outside of Montana), and other considerations.