Mobile Computing Device Checkout

If you are an instructor in the Department of Education, and are interested in checking out our mobile computing devices, such as the iPad carts, Macbook Air, or Windows/PC cart, please:

  • 1) Read and follow the Mobile Devices Cart Checkout Policies
  • 2) Check the calendar below to make sure the device has not been reserved in advance
  • 3) Book your reservation with the Google Form links below
  • 4) Use the Device Sign In-Sign Out Forms in class with your students
  • 5) For traveling iPads contact the main office at 406-994-3120

If you would like apps to be loaded on any of the Apple devices before your class, please reserve the carts several days in advance and indicate which apps you would like in the appropriate place in the form.

iPad Cart W

Located in Reid 425

iPad Cart 2

Located in Reid 206

iPad Minis 

Located in Reid 222